Reviews of Chastity Belts and Devices

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Hopefully, this page will give you useful information on what people who own and use various commercially available chastity belts and devices have to say. If you would like to submit a product review, Click here for submittal Guidelines.

Chinese Copy - Maker Unknown

Access Denied, New York, USA (Out of Business)


A.L. Enterprises, Inc. - CB-2000

A.L. Enterprises, Inc. - The Curve2000

A.L. Enterprises, Inc. - The CB-3000

A.L. Enterprises, Inc. - The CB-5000

A.L. Enterprises, Inc. - The CB-6000

Belgian, Carrara Designs (Walter Goethals)

BirdLocked, Switzerland

Buddylock, Germany

Centurion, Nevada

Chastity Steel - Germany
Fetish Felix (English Site)

Club FEM Male Chastity Device (MCD)

Boutique Demonia - France - Switzerland

EroticSteel - (E-S Service) - German

Exobelt by Jenny - USA

Extreme Restraints - USA

Fantasy Leather Works - Columbus, Ohio

FANTIGO, United Kingdom


Gerecke - Germany

Holy Trainer - Switzerland

Jones, Mahanoy City, PA - New Owner June, 2006

Kastley, Germany

Kept For Her

Latowski, Germany

Leathermasters, California

Locked In Steel - New Hampshire USA

Lori's Chastity Tube

Lustlock Genital Piercing Locks - Switzerland - USA

Mature Metal, USA

Mistress Brandi Productions (MBP)

Mr. S Leathers, California

Neosteel, Germany

Northbound Leather, Ontario Canada

Phoenix Chastity - New Zealand

Reinhold's Chastity Belts - Germany
Closed in June 2004, reopened September 2007, Closed Fall 2010

Remy's Chastity Tube - Out of business as of June 2004

Ring of Steel - Illinois, USA

Silver and Steel Workship, United Kingdom

Sparticus, Oregon

Steelworxx - Germany

Steelwerks Extreme

Stainless Steel Construction

The Stockroom

Max Taylor K~ (Germany)

Tickleberry (UK)

The KTB - (No longer sold)

Tollyboy Products, UK

The Ultimate Male Chastity Device, Pennsylvania, USA
(Out of business?)

Water Hole Custom Leather, Toland, Connecticut

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