Mousetrap Review

Submitted by: Anonymous

A few days ago I bought a mousetrap from the website.

I was very impressed by the service from the site. I wanted some custom additions and I have to say that the company exceeded my expectations in every way.

Not only were my requests well supported but the owner even went on to point out other customizations he was able to do. Plus the prices for the customizations i asked for were very low.

Another area where my expectations were exceeded was that manufacture and shipping of the item was very quick. Once everything was finalized, the item was manufactured and shipped in just one day.

Some of the services not listed on the web site included custom positioning of the pin attach point to the the inner tube plus an extremely well thought out set of instructions having to do with the best "care and and feeding" of the device.

After trying on the product after it arrived, I found the inner tube and outer tubes to be perfect in size for me also. I was able to put it on and almost instantly forget it was even there for normal activities.

The only negative at all is that this isn't a normal "lock on" chastity device. It does require a special tool to attach and remove though and without the tool, removal is basically impossible. That's OK for me since I don't require a "lock on device" where I can give the key to a key holder.

Of course, if you need a lock on device, some epoxy in the top of the screw will make the device essentially permanent until the screw is ground off. This isn't as bad as it sounds at first since the site also sells spare screws at only $2.00 each.

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