Personal experience of the BON4

Submitted by: Rick

The BON4 is the only chastity device I've experienced so I can't make any comparisons but here are my views, split into various headings.


Many people comment on its comfort and I must agree. Once you've got the right size ring and everything is settled then you really can forget that it's there. Except, of course, when you become aroused (see below).


Removal and replacing is fiddly but once it's on it's on so that's not really been a problem. Usually I fit it myself and my wife just clicks the padlock on.


This has not been an issue. Using a shower hose and plenty of soap, then drying off with a hair-dryer has been totally effective. Urinating is not really a problem (I can stand up to do so) but drops of urine do get stuck inside and can be difficult to remove so frequent showering is necessary.


Some say that it's not really secure and perhaps these people have more experience than I do but, personally, I can't see how I could remove the device without damaging or destroying it. Even though it is made of soft material, I haven't been able to remove it and the holes are too small for fingers.


The smooth material is nicely designed and well shaped internally. Unfortunately, this device is bulky and difficult to conceal under normal clothing. However, with careful choice of clothing, I have been able to wear the BON4 whilst working, shopping, etc. Couldn't get away with wearing close-fitting clothes (e.g. tight swimwear) though.

What it's like to wear:

I've nothing to compare it with but I've worn this 24/7 for up to 7 days without any injuries or major discomfort. During the day my penis hangs in such a way that it falls lightly against the front of the cage, with the head of the penis exactly where the small internal ridge is. Any movement, whether natural expansion/shrinkage or the penis itself, or caused by my own body movements such as walking, causes the head of my penis to rub gently against this ridge and to be stimulated often. I become aroused many times each day.

Shortly after arousal has begun, my penis starts to press against the front of the cage but is now held quite still. For unknown reasons, sometimes at this point the arousal ceases and I shrink back to normal but at other times, I get really hard, filling the cage entirely and experiencing pressure on every surface of my penis. This can last a few seconds to several minutes and cannot be ignored.

At night, the BON4 is again extremely comfortable. I can even lie face down but this usually results in persistent arousal that I find impossible to ignore. Lying on my side is better, but I often wake up with my penis straining against the device.


Overall my experience has been very positive although I've not worn the device beyond a week at a time. The BON4 has, in my case, been extremely comfortable and, to be honest, a very frustrating device to wear owing to the almost constant rubbing against the head of my penis. I think this may be due to my own anatomy so it might not work the same way for others. The biggest downside of the BON4, though, is its overall bulkiness, which makes concealing it much more difficult for 24/7 wear.

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