Review of Ms. Lori's #18A

Submitted by: Professor Challenger

I have now finished my first full week of continuously wearing my Ms. Lori's #18A chastity device, and can definitely say that it is the best chastity device I have tried out of several, including other Ms. Lori's devices, the CB-2000, -3000, -5000, and -6000, Steelheart from Steelwerks, and Birdcage, among others.

This version has a 4 gauge PA piercing for security, and I chose the recessed security screw fastening for a smooth profile under clothes. The basic device is a back-ring and cage design.

Like all Ms. Lori's devices I have seen, it is well made and very solid. The cage portion appears to have been machined out of a block of stainless steel and therefore is very strong and robust. The interior is not as highly polished as the exterior, but is otherwise smooth and without irritating flaws.

The device seems very heavy in the hand, but seems much less so when worn. The cage is open work with largish holes compared with some other devices. The holes are not large enough to admit a finger, however. They do allow good ventilation, and make adequate cleaning possible without having to remove the cage. The penis can bulge out through the openings a bit when engorged, but the openings are sized so that this is not painful, and there is no edema or trapping of fluids in the tissues after the attempted erection subsides.

Getting the device on is fiddly, but gets easier with practice. The back ring is a solid cock-and-ball ring with site at the top to receive the screw that connects the cage. The bracket portion at the back of the cage sits over the ring, and the specially prepared screw goes into its recess to join the two parts. When in place, the screw is well recessed into the steel fabric of the device and thus cannot be attacked or cut.

The PA piercing piece is slotted up through a receiver on the underside of the cage, is passed through the PA piercing location of the penis, and exits through the urethral opening, protruding just past the tip of the cage, so that there is no way the penis can be withdrawn from the cage when the piercing pin is in place. The piercing pin is then secured with a second recessed screw that passes transversely through the base of the pin and its receiver.

The screws have been modified to accept a customized driver bit, and do not match any sort of other security screw or driver on the market. Ms. Lori supplied two driver bits, or "keys", a magnetic handle for the driver, and three spare screws.

Once the back ring is on, I have found it most effective to insert the penis into the cage, using the "stocking trick," but then excess skin has to be carefully pulled back out so that the piercing hole on the bottom is not covered. I then attach the cage to the ring and tighten the screw. This makes it possible to turn the cage up so you can see to insert the piercing pin and have the penis turn with it so that you can get the pin in. This is the hardest bit and will take some practice. You will probably need to use a fingertip of the hand holding the cage to press the penis head down and forward so that the pin can get into the piercing hole. The openings of the cage are big enough to allow that. A bit of lubricant on the tip of the pin helps as well. Once the pin is seated, it is a simple matter to insert the screw and tighten it down. The result is both very secure and surprisingly comfortable, once your body gets used to it, of course.

The #18 has a reasonably low profile and is not noticeable under normal trousers, although would be fairly obvious under tight swim trunks or similar garments. It is comfortable with or without most underwear.

I have been cleaning the device and my genital area twice a day, in the shower in the morning, and a rinse at night, with no build up of odor, "crud", or irritation. The design allows good drainage of urine, as it tends to follow the tip of the piercing pin out of the cage.

Ms. Lori gave me the excellent service she is known for. Fortunately, since I had had other chastity devices before this one, I was able to measure myself properly and get a good fit the first try. I do know Ms. Lori is very responsive and helpful if modifications do need to be made. It took a bit longer to be shipped than initially expected, due to Ms. Lori's order volume, but again, communication was good and responsive.

This is one of the higher-end Lori's devices, but, considering how much I have paid for other makers' units that were less satisfactory, I am well pleased with it. Ms. Lori's are not "entry-level" devices, but should be considered the finest chastitiy devices made.

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