Initial Impressions of PA-5000

Submitted by: Marco

Two thumbs up!!!

Over the years, first I and now we have tried so many different chastity devices: Remy's tube, CB-3000, Tickleberry 2(d)Ni (heavily modified), Steelworx (with Prince's wand/tube), and none of them were secure. Then I went ahead and got a PA piercing.

(This is a separate story in itself, but basically, it was my firrst piercing, extremely easy, with minimal pain and, essentially no bleeding. This was about four months ago; since then, I've easily stretched from the original 10 gauge to a loose 6 gauge, again with no pain. It's incredible to me how fast this particular body part heals, and the constant immersion in urine practically guarantees no problems with infection. Plus, it's an extremely *fun* piercing to have!)

So, with the PA I tried first two different plastic-model Lori's tubes (she no longer sells these) that I had purchased over the years, and found that both of them in different ways would tug or pull on the piercing during normal daily activities. I'm not a construction worker or anything, but I do frequently have to move about with my job, and occasionally clamber over some machinery.

Then I dropped $700 or so on a Lori's model 18, fully enclosed with a testicle ring. This started out much more comfortable, but the high weight of the device (about half a pound) became painful over the course of the day, and like all trapped ball devices, I found my movements encumbered. Then, to my great disappointment, I found that I could work my pinky finger through one of the holes and achieve orgasm.

I'd seen a bit about the PA-5000, but not much, and was a bit put off by the fact that it came with three different sized PA rings, but all were ~5-gauge. However, I was having such good luck stretching my piercing that I decided to order one as a stepping stone to 4-gauge, and besides, the price (I paid about $80) was certainly right, especially after the Lori's!

When I got the device, I was surprised to find a whole bag of spare PA rings, but since I "knew" that they were all 5-gauge, I just set them aside and picked one of the three in the main package. With some lube, and a bit of discomfort, I was able to up-gauge to the ring and insert it. Then I faced a challenge: getting the tube on.

You see, the instructions say to leave your regular PA ring in place, and use it to fish your penis through the tube before putting in the locking ring (a leather thong is even provided for this purpose). I have an unusually large (1" diameter) ring, because I like the bouncing weight when I move, and it wouldn't fit, so I swapped it for the locking ring first. I used the largest ring, which didn't really fit through the tube either. With some force (and a bit more discomfort) though, I was able to flex it enough to slip everything through.

Once in place, locking was a snap - the cylinder cam lock works very well. Then the device became essentially part of my dick, with only a tiny bit of chafing where the edge of the glans rests against the rim of the tube. I left it on all day, and found it to be fairly comfortable. I took it off that night though because of the chafing.

The next day, I looked more carefully at the bag of "spare" rings, and discovered that they are a variety of sizes, from perhaps 8-gauge up to 4-gauge or so. Well duh! The thing is, none of the literature I had read *anywhere* had mentioned that additional sizes were included! I selected the 8-gauge size, with the next smaller diameter, and had the device on in about 45 seconds, with no discomfort of any sort. It was completely comfortable, driving, and I even went to the gym that evening. My partner liked it very much, because she could play with the exposed head, so we (she) decided to leave on that night and the next day.

The next 24 hours were completely uneventful, and the device didn't interfere with my activities in any way; in fact, most of the time I could have completely forgotten about it, except for my excitement about it - it's really that comfortable. That evening, after a bit of teasing (she *really* likes this device!) we took it off, which revealed the only problem I've found, and not a significantone. The PA-5000 is intended to be somewhat tighter than a Lori's-type tube, so the slightest tumescence is enough to make it immovable on the shaft. Nothing that some ice cubes and a wet wash cloth couldn't solve though (did I mention how much she likes this thing?).

The next week, (this current week), I was scheduled to be out of town, so we (she, again) thought that since the unit seemed to be working out so well, we might as well go for the whole week. She put it on me, and really liked how easy it was - there's no need to fish around for the piercing hole, because it's all out in the open until it's locked. I'd never had a full week of lock-up before, either because of discomfort or lack of security, so I was a bit intimidated, but we put one of the keys in a digital safe, for which I don't have the combination. If I really need to (for reasons other than horniness), I can call her for the combo, but that would be highly disappointing to her.

On Monday, I drove away, all locked up. I'm driving this trip, but I often fly, and I think the amount of metal in this is small enough that it would pass through airport metal detectors; it seems about the same as my piecing circular barbell with its two large end balls, which never had a problem. It has been promised that I'll be wearing this on the next flying trip I take, so I'll let the list know...

That night at the hotel (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and...) I spent several hours looking at porn, and desperately trying anything to have an orgasm. This thing, for me anyway, makes orgasm completely impossible! It really seems like the ideal chastity device - completely secure, comfortable for 24/7 long term, trivial sanitation requirements (urinating tends to follow the ring a bit, but no more so than the regular piercing ring), and absolutely prevents orgasm. It doesn't really prevent erection (though my dick takes on the shape of a bratwurst crammed through the neck of a Coke bottle), so my partner wants me to pick up one of those Cyber-skin penis extenders, to see if it can be slipped over the outside so I can fuck her while locked up. I unfortunately suspect that this will probably work, too.

The construction of the device seems very good. It's plastic, but it seems much tougher than the CB-x000 units. I suspect that it's glass-filled epoxy or something similar; I'll sacrifice one of the smaller rings that I won't need to find out for sure. Regardless, anything that would exert enough force to damage or break the device would also have, err, quite a detrimental effect on the contents, as well. I'm not that desperate - yet.

However, *she* likes this thing so much, and I really can't object on either comfort or medical grounds, that I may be wering it for a while. Be careful what you wish for, etc.!

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