Review of CB-6000 - Woody

Submitted by: MLC1

    Ed note: The author is describing the new Designer Line - Polycarbonate CB-6000 with Wood Finish Overlay

My sojourn into chasity began about a year ago, in which time I've tried a number of devices. When the new CB-6000 model called the 'Woody' came along, I ordered one immediately. It was different from all of the others that I tried, in that it completely hides your penis from you.

I wanted to share with the Mistresses out there the very powerful effect it has on a man when he cannot even SEE his penis. Chastity devices such as a CB-6000 "Woody" - as well as a few others - accomplish this purpose.

As a male in chastity, it was a big change to go from being able to see myself through a clear barrier, to not being able to see it at all. When you can see it in a clear device, it feels less far away. Less distant. It is still 'right there.'

But, once you lock it inside an opaque device, where you cannot even see it - much less touch it - it is completely different. Before, if it ached, you could look down and see it, sympathize with it, know that while it ached, it was right there. Now, this is gone. I feel the desperate ache, the longing, the need for release. But, when I look down, my old penis is gone.

My cock has been replaced with a CB-6000 Woody. My Woody is my penis, now. When I look down at my poor aching penis, I see the Woody. When my hand reaches down to try and relieve it, it feels the Woody. When I go to the bathroom, my Woody pees. When my penis is particularly desperate, such as right now, I look down at my Woody and feel it aching on the inside. It throbs so very badly.

But my Woody is perfectly devious in its design. On the inside, my Woody feels a terrible ache and need for relief. It has all the needs and desires and internal sensations of a penis. It has been denied for so long and wants to cum so very badly. But on the outside, my Woody has no nerve endings. I touch it and stroke it, and feel nothing... nothing except the steady throbbing on the inside, that is. My Woody is designed to make my penis throb on the inside, aching for the relief that it will never have. It will never have it because my Woody has no nerve endings on the outside. It is impossible for my Woody to ever have an orgasm. My Woody wants to cum so very badly that it drives me insane, but because it has no never endings on the outside, there is nothing I can do about it... nothing but suffer. My Woody is unable to ever achieve orgasm and get the relief it needs so badly.

I must simply suffer, day after day, week after week, as my desperate need to ejaculate grows and grows, driving me insane. The pressure simply builds and builds, with no release possible, until my head swims with desire. I am so consumed with lust that all I can think about is eating my wife's pussy. It's all I want to do, day and night... I just want to bury my face in her muff and make her cum. I love her taste, her smell, the sounds of her ecstacy as she grabs my head and grinds against my mouth. It is heaven!

My wife is very generous and tries to make my Woody cum. She strokes my Woody, she licks it and sucks it. She slips the head of my Woody inside her warm pussy, rubbing it around until she cums. But my poor Woody doesn't feel a thing... except for the steady throbbing inside. My Woody is so desperate and needs to cum so badly that it is maddening.

But it cannot. The purpose of a penis is to be kept always horny and on the very edge of cumming, in order to help the male do his very best job of eating pussy. If a male was to cum, he would lose interest in eating pussy. Thus, it is imperative that men don't cum. They must remain constantly horny and never be allowed to have an orgasm. My Woody is perfect in its design. It will never cum again.

On a mechanical note, the Woody was not exactly like the CB-6000. The ring sizes seem to be identical, but the variable-length posts are different. So if you are accustomed to the CB-6000 already, be sure to experiment and find the one that works best for you.

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