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My Lady and I finally decided we wanted to acquire a chastity device that was hopefully going to be a long term wearing option. I have, over the years bought a few varieties of chastity solutions such as CB 3000, Access denied, CB 6000 and Bon4. The plastic solutions I could never find a fit that would support longer term wear and security at the same time. One big problem is they are glued together. Invariably a testi would escape during the night. Variable weight was a problem with the Access denied set-up.

We communicated at length with Chris, the owner of Steelwerks Extreme and finally decided that we would give this a try. It was expensive, for sure, but as in many areas of life, you get what you pay for. We ordered a cage which is somewhat similar to the Vault on his web site, but with more air flow at the head. We can configure cage with the scrotal ring or not. We have decided the scrotal ring will be phase 2. Well, the fit is about as close to perfect as you could get. I can endure long term wear comfortably which is a first for me. I will be getting a PA, but the great thing is, the cage is secure without as well. I had thought the S screws could be tampered with. It is very tricky to screw even with the specialized tool supplied. They arenąt coming off anytime soon, for sure. The workmanship is over the top and there is no question Chris stands behind his work 100%. My Lady and I are very pleased with the outcome and we only regret we hadnąt committed to Steelwerks years ago. My advice is, if chastity is truly a dynamic you want in your life and you plan on wearing continually, look at the cost more from a long term perspective..... when you amortize the cost over , say 5 years, it is not onerous financially.

In closing, I will submit an update after a couple of months, but we are very happy with this purchase and expect many others have been disappointed with plastic or off shore knock-offs. You are not saving if it doesnąt do the job comfortably.

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