DickCage Male Chastity Device Review

Submitted by: Tim

Hi Altairboy,

I wanted to drop you a line as I have been reading your site since its inception. Ive tried a few chastity devices and wanted to submit my first review for my most recent addition (and will likely be the first review of this device you hosted)

I bought a dickcage from Kept For Her a few weeks ago. First, I have to say that they are very professional and easy to talk to, especiallywhen it comes to discussing such a personal topic.

Secondly I have to say that this device is very comfortable. I have a CB2K, curve and a birdlocked. The hard plastic devices were fun but not all that effective. The birdlocked was better but still not secure. Backing out was doable as was orgasm. Comfort just was not there for the CB2K and curve.

So the dickcage, this thing is comfortable and at times I forget that it is there. First day I wore it 5 hours then took it off for bed. In the following days I have worn it for progressively longer times. Sleeping will likely not be an issue but Ive not tried yet. A huge plus is when wearing pants and everything has to be pushed down so to speak, the dickcage naturally keeps everything positioned in such a way that doesnt stick out. The birdlocked would pinch and pull in the same situation.

Erections, well, I do not have any. When one tries, it is not painful, but there is some discomfort which is to be expected.

As for security, a pair of scissors would remove it but this is true of most devices. Even the likes of Tollyboy or Neosteel could be removed with a pair of tin snips from a local hardware store. Back to security, orgasm is likely possible however Ive not tried. Pulling out thus far has not been possible.

As I wear it more I will post again.

Thank you for your site and all the effort you put into it.

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