Gerecke Twister Review

Submitted by: Anonymous

I ordered a Gerecke Twister. Being in a terrible rush to finally be locked, I gave Frank improper measurements, so It was too big. I also got the fremun fixing because I just didn't beleIve it would be secure without it (I read the pullout essay about the cb2000 many years ago). I have OCD as far as masturbating is concerned so I took the piercing out before it got to me. So I had to get creative to make this fantasy finally happen. I got an idea, one that works too. (Damn I'm horny). The idea is simply to apply a liberal amount of medical tape around the frenum fixing and my penis. I've tried until it hurt to reclaim my deprived penis and to no avaIl .....

My keyholder is callIng the shots now. I applied the tape and the device and begged that beautiful young woman to take her time unlocking it. That was July 26th its now July 30th. I asked her when she'd take it off she said she didn't know. "Maybe the beginning of August, maybe the middle of August, or maybe September" she said. All the while fondling my exposed testicles. This woman truly understands the dynamccs of my psyche (albeit a little extreme).

Anyway the device is very secure, the weakest part is the lock. Its heavy but a simple string from a pair of swimming trunks around the waist fixes that and medical tape (the cloth kind its waterproof) to secure the penis without a piercing, and you've got an inescapable chastIty device. Poor me. She's asleep naked whIle I play at the computer. I think I'll play unchained melody on repeat when I'm finally unlocked. That's it for now.

Good Bye

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