A Sissy's Review of the Exobelt V-1

Submitted by: SissieTiffany

Having worn the V-1 on and off for a couple of months now, I have to say I'm very happy with my purchase. This device was easy to put on. I only had to make a few adjustments to the spacers within the first few weeks of fitting. As others have mentioned, the V-1 is easy to hide under clothing, even panties,. especially when replacing the locks with the plastic ties that others have recommended.

Security: No problem with pull-outs since I took the time to get the correct fit. Ive had the Cb2000 and CB3000 so I knew it would take some time to properly fit the V-1. Pushing the scrotum back makes attempting to pull out painful. (Just as Jenny said it would). Built very well, it would take a lot to cut the steel pins.

Cons: Just the metal pins. They are nice to have security wise, but I would like an all plastic version as well. Perhaps order with more air holes. I had more ventilation holes put in mine which makes it easier to clean.

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