Steelwerks Chastity Security is AMAZING!

Submitted by: Joshua B

I have never written a testimonial before in my life But I wanted to let everyone know out there that is thinking of buying a chastity belt you absolutely cannot go wrong with steelwerks I have used every style and make of chastity device out there from the cb series, to mature metal, lori's, neosteel and many many others.

When I was looking for a new device I was looking for security what I mean by this is EVERY chastity device Ive ever owned I have figured out a way to get out of in virtually no time at all..

you can open mature metal, lori's tube and many others that use "security screws" with a simple mini eyeglass screw drivers now how secure is that.. padlocks are picked within seconds with just a simple paperclip. watch some videos on youtube and you will have it down in no time at all.

In fact I learned my lock picking skills from being locked in chastity and wanting out but not being found out.. I am a sneak sneaky one indeed lol.

anyway back on topic. The special S screws that Chris employs in all his devices cannot I repeat cannot be opened without that key and even with the key its a little bit tricky so can you imagine without it not going to happen..

I cannot figure out a way to get out of his device its the most secure device ive ever worn ontop of being the most comfortable device as well you virtually do not know your wearing it that is until you get hard then the sharp screws in the back of the tube punish any and all erections on the spot and without mercy until it goes away. Let me tell you I had to quickly learn not to get hard while locked in this belt

Anyway we got back off topic again my ADD kicking in... now where did I put that adderal.. If you want the best and I do mean the best device money can buy the gucci of all belts. then have Chris custom make you a belt. you will not be disappointed every belt is 100% custom made there is no mold so every belt is unique and every belt is 100% different.

When I first contacted Chris I had a PA5000 that thing broke while I was in Vegas on a business trip it cut me and ripped my piercing I bled all over the hotel sheets it looked like someone got murdered or something. I told him I loved the device and I wanted something similar and what he came up with was absolutely perfect.

Not only secure but comfortable there is no ball ring as I cannot wear those things they always cause me issues so I wanted just a tube design that went over the entire shaft of the penis and locked in place by a PA piercing and that's exactly what I got. I cannot be any happier than I am now. chastity is a journey and I have finally made my destination I will never have to buy another belt again as long as I live.

The belt he made for me is 100% titanium its super light weight and only 50 grams! yes thats right 50 grams crazy I know. Thats only slightly more then the weight of the PA5000 which is made of plastic!

In closing this I wanted to say I am super happy with my purchase. I know mistress is also thrilled she has this really cool S pendant with sapphires to wear around her neck and no one is the wiser of its true purpose.

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