Carrara Concept Belt Review

Submitted by: Gelaute

The Saga of a Carrara 'Concept' Male Belt

Having experienced the highly effective CB2000, followed by the CB3000 chastity devices, my curiosity was aroused after reading details of other, more positive restraints in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia. This led me to "Dirk's Chastity Belt FAQ". This lists several makers and outlines their various constructional features, which proved most interesting and by a process of elimination I looked up the Carrara's Website.

The Site proprietor, Walter Goethals, in Belgium, gives clear details of his several creations, together with costs, comprehensive ordering instructions, measurement charts and basic requirements. Following completion of the latter and after more than one re-check on vital details, my order for a Carrara 'Concept' Belt was submitted. The deposit money, in my home currency, (GBP), was sent via PayPal. This was acknowledged in a formal Order Acceptance message, confirming the style of Belt and its total cost, which included Post and packing. Upon notification of completion and due receipt of full payment, the Belt would be sent direct to my UK address.

So far, so good. Walter's messages of mid-February indicated a delivery slot in late April. As time passed, I sent off a further instalment of money through PayPal. By the end of May I was beginning to wonder how things were progressing. Walter replied to my E-mail, advising me that the Belt was completed and would be dispatched upon his receipt of my final money instalment. This was also sent via PayPal and I eagerly awaited delivery of my Belt. Then all went 'dead'- my several subsequent E-mails to Walter went un-answered.

Having dismissed the likelihood of fraud, which so easily springs to mind, I contacted 'Altairboy' in mid-July for guidance, knowing that he had dealt with Walter many times previously. It was his suggestion that it might be worth a telephone call, as Walter speaks good English. This I did and was immediately able to discuss the situation with Walter. In no way did I complain or express any feelings regarding the delay and I thus enjoyed a most polite, friendly and helpful conversation with Walter. He explained that he had been severely upset by his wife's recent illness, (now greatly recovered), and that his records and dispatch schedules had thus become neglected. The situation was rectified at once, the Belt being already completed, paid for and awaiting dispatch. It duly arrived in mid-August via a courier service, with no further charges to pay. It was plainly packaged and addressed to my home, with only the sender's name and Belgian home address.

The Belt was stoutly packaged and arrived in very good condition. It came with a mini-'tool kit' and a Disk containing full text instructions, in English, Dutch and French, on setting-up the Belt, on adjusting it to personal anatomical fit, its care, wearer hygiene and maintenance. Illustrations to explain the locking mechanism and string adjustments, etc., plus certain extras and other items, form a large part of the Disk information. (A tip I would add regarding the bending of the waist bands, would be to use a wine bottle wrapped in a towel and placed on to the seat of a hard stool, thereby reducing the possibility of creating sharp bends, or creases.)

First impressions on wearing the Belt were somewhat mixed. Due to its initial 'workshop form' it is unlikely to accurately match one's own anatomical features. No argument about given dimensions, just that our own curves of the waist around the hips and the waist to groin 'string' are not to any standard geometric form; they have to be replicated by bending the required portions of stainless steel. The Belt has six hinges within the waistband, the latching portions of which can swivel, plus a further hinge at the 'string' attachment 'T'. The set screw attaching the 'string' to the 'T' has a neoprene washer, which allows the 'string' to move slightly from side-to-side. This is all explained in the instructions and one must try on the Belt quite frequently, with a time spent fitted and closed up after each adjustment, to experience the individual effects on fit and comfort.

To avoid injury, it is advisable to make one adjustment at a time and then wear the Belt for a few minutes between each modification. There is a natural tendency to over-tightness, perhaps in the belief that it will thus be totally escape proof! This is likely to be a mistaken belief, as the Belt is still escape-proof at lesser tension - it will not pass over the hips at any reasonable level of tightness. Over enthusiasm may well result in undue scuffing of the skin above the hips, which will redden and can even cause breaking of the skin. This will set back the fitting activity while the skin heals. It can be quire painful and will discourage the wearing of belted trousers for a few days.

When happy with the feel and fit of my Belt, then came the test of nerve and of endurance. I wore it for two or three hours, then removed it to see if there were any undue stress marks on my body. Following a break, I put it on again next day and kept it on for some six hours. I then made minor further adjustments as thought necessary. I try to keep the rear, hinged 'T' high on my waist and as flat against my spine as I can. This helps to minimise the tendency for the belt to gape at the waist, particularly when bending forward, as it can be obtrusive when wearing normal clothing.

The locking mechanism closes up the latches very easily on free-hand demonstration, also when not expected whilst adjusting for the day's wear! It can, however, be a little reluctant to lock the latch pins at times when the waist bands are newly tensioned in place - a fact not being overlooked by my 'key-holder', who always checks its security ! If it is not locking, she holds the latch piece down and simultaneously rocks the waist tabs to-and-fro. This usually allows the internal mechanism to close-up and hold everything locked in position. We then try to raise the locking pin to prove that all is held tight. Then, I can assure you, it is totally secure. With the key withdrawn, a degree of exhilaration is felt, as I now appreciate the fact that my release is solely at the discretion of its holder. By the same token, I am also assured that my chastity shall remain inviolate.

Re-entering the key into the lock cylinder sounds easy, but it might initially be difficult to 'find' the key entry slot, as it is well protected. To remove the Belt, the key must be placed in the lock and turned. Then the centre bolt must be raised, which releases the locking frame. At this point I am, preferably, seated and firmly push both of the waist bands across towards my umbilicus. The latches instantly release their hold on the pins within the mechanism and the Belt opens out freely. As all the tension on the Belt is thus immediately relaxed it can fall away from my body, hence the decision to be seated at that time.

Belt hygiene is not too difficult to achieve, however, prolonged wear is best relieved briefly, under supervision, each day in order to avoid bacterial problems. Drying the contact areas after bathing, or showering is not easily achieved when closed up on the body. These foam padded areas are easy to wash and dry when open and free. After urination, whilst seated, flushing with water using a 10 ml syringe only once gives a reasonable result, but two such rinses are better. Clean rectal discharges are generally possible, remembering of course, to hold the 'string' to one side until all is finished, wiped and clean. It may be found easier if the lavatory seat is kept raised during this function, as it allows maximum space around the rear of the body. The stainless steel 'string' can be readily cleansed in the event of slip-ups.

Can I recommend this product? Definitely 'Yes' ! Walter is a most genuine craftsman who produces amazingly well designed Belts, stoutly constructed and finely finished. In the event that an assailant struck his knee into my groin, I know who would suffer worst - and it wouldn't be me!.

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