Review of "Iron Maiden" Chastity Device With Prince Albert Retainer

Submitted by: chastitech

In January 2008, I reviewed the Iron Maiden chastity device from Since then, the vendor has introduced several more models, including high-security versions that retain a Prince Albert piercing. The various models are offered in a series, from low-security to high-security, and in a range of prices. There are related accessories, and one of the models can be ordered with a choice of one or two vertical screws in the front to retain the piercing. In addition, the vendor has added a detailed FAQ.

My Keyholder and I own four of these devices (you know how it is when you start collecting!), and are extremely pleased with all of them. The fit and finish of the devices is flawless, and the vendor has been a joy to work with.

Our favorite is the Model #4, which is completely secure. The design is ingenious: a chain retains the piercing, a rod retains the chain, the cage and main ring retain the rod, a single screw holds everything together, and a lock prevents access to the screw. When the unit is assembled, it feels like a single piece of steel, and there is no way to escape. And the entire unit is lightweight and unobtrusive.

I wear the Model #4 all the time (including while showering, sleeping, exercising, etc.), except when my Keyholder feels like letting me out. After a week or so, I'm climbing the walls, but my Keyholder can keep me locked up indefinitely if She wants to, because the device is completely comfortable.

I can't say enough good things about these devices or about the vendor. I had struggled for decades (seriously) to find something that would work, and at last I have a solution.

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