CB-5000 Has Been Improved

Submitted by: Anonymous

After reading the writeup by Marco regarding the PA-5000, I contacted ALE regarding the PA rings. I purchased the PA-5000 when the device first became available, and at that time it was shipped with 3 rings with a diameter of 5 gauge. The device has since been improved and 9 rings with 3 different diameters are now shipped with the device. I was pleasantly surprised when A. L. Enterprises was willing to ship me the same package of rings as they now deliver with new orders, at no charge. I would like to express my appreciation for both the excellent customer service and for A. L. Enterprises making a good product even better.

The PA-5000 is the most secure of all the products offered be ALE in my opinion, and now that several sizes of rings are offered, it is even better.

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