Penicap from Lustlock

Submitted by: Andre

I would like to share my experience with those who are seriously interested to maintain male chastity.

I was many years experimenting with different devices to "educate" my cock. I tried an access denied belt, a goethal belt and also a CB3000. But none was really suitable for everyday life. So I always remained in a state of experimenting with toys, which were, even locked, always considered as a short temporary prevention of access to my organ of lust.

When I met my dom wife, who was thoroughly interested to keep me chaste as a mean to educate me to be a better man, partner and lover, I was intensifyinig my search for another chastity device. I always believed, that it could be possible to construct something, which would meet my criteria (small, light, not bulky, long term comfortable in all situations, hygienic, secure in prevention of sex or wanking).

By incidence I discovered the Penicap device from, a innovative swiss company, who seems to be well informed about the technical issues about chastity. They do offer a device named Penicap- at a first glance, this tiny thing seems not to be a really high-security-jail, and I was doubting.

As I have a Prince-Albert piercing and a circumcised foreskin (what is a condition for a penicap) I gave it a chance after the flops with the widespread other solutions, though almost no reports were available.

The penicap is not cheap, but made to measure. Hand made, well crafted. It was easy to mount und to take off. The locking mechanism and the housing for the padlock are ingenious. Tiny, not more than 30 gr, housing, pin and lock together. From the first moment on, it was comfortable to wear. Well hidden even in swimming trunks. Nocturnal erections did not disturb my sleep after a short time of a customization. In the beginning I woke up a few times, not because of pain, just because of the feeling of enclosed "hard wood". Since the penicap allows erections, sleep is much less disturbed than in a cock prison which include the entire penis.

The prevention of wanking, and intercourse anyway, is 100% secure in my case. Other men can achieve a orgasm by stroking the shaft without the glans, I can't. I need my glans.

Since wearing was for the first time unlimited possible, I was "condemned" to wear the Penicap now for a undetermined time. My wife, the keyholder, releases me from time to time to clean the cap and the pin thoroughly. Urinary calcification must be removed from time to time. I have never noticed any bruises or chafing marks on my penis. Meanwhile we have a second Penicap, in exchange when cleaning is necessary.

Usually I wear it 3-5 weeks until cleaning changes, and 24/7 now for about 2 years. And it's airport safe.

But be aware, permanent chastity has a influence on your mind: I was becoming more pleasant, mild, nice and patient in behaviour to others. It makes me calmer. I am loosing the obsession of constant and perpetually returning sexual fantasies. It makes my mind free.

Nimo, the inventor of the Penicap, should be awarded! In my opinion, this is the ONLY device, which makes it possible to block you penis permanently.

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