Another Experience with Locked In Steel

Submitted by: Mlc

I recently read the report titled "My Experience with Locked In Steel" dated Jan 08, 2011 and felt compelled to write my own report referring to Locked in Steel and my personal dealings with Jillian.

My order did not involve a chastity belt (although I was considering a follow on order of my original order had it worked out). It involved a different product they offer - a key safe that has an electronic combination key pad controlling the safes locking mechanism. The electronics are modified and customized to be controlled from a computer thus from anywhere in the world. Combinations can be changed, timers can me controlled, etc.,

Like the other writers chastity belt experience, I paid up front over $500.00 and was given a delivery date of 45 days.

Their web site offers an "order status update" link that you can track your order using the e-m address they have on file with your order. The update stated the date I ordered it, the date the payment was made, the date the payment cleared the date the work started and the date that it was in the shop being programmed - ALL IF WHICH WAS APPARANTLY WITHIN A FEW DAYS OF EACH OTHER.

40 days later there was no change in status update, so I wrote Jillian (similarly a phone call was useless - as they never answered nor returned calls) the 45 days came and passed.

50 days passed Finally in response to an e-mail that I sent stating I was going to pursue filing fraud charges with my bank card to recoup anything I could I received an e-mail response telling me they never promised me any particular delivery date and that they are a small company and the order would be complete within the next 30 days.

Well, unfortunately, the Mistress I had at the time had decided to break off communications with me for reasons I learned several months later were absolutely wrong but that's another story (*), so I decided I wasn't willing to wait another 30 days and followed through with the fraud claim I had threatened.

My experience ended with me being able to recoup 100% of the monies I had paid to Locked in Steel.

Within a day or 2 after my bank rescinded payment and recovered it for me, Jillian sent an e-mail and told of all kinds of woeful tales of small company, family issues, problems in construction etc., to which I justified a single response telling her that I also had my own company, and the way I conducted business, if I couldn't meet a delivery date I contacted my customers. I offered whatever was necessary to make it right be it a simple explanation, partial refund of money, extra product, whatever including a gracefully accepted cancellation and full refund (minus about half of what I spent on materials). Oh yeah, I also offered one more thing, perhaps the most important,... a heartfelt apology.

At one time I was considering purchasing a chastity belt as the other writer described, my particular fascination with is an accessory they offer, a one time use permanent lock - just for playful 'threats' by Mistress,... but now, I wouldn't trust Locked in steel for anything.

(*) Should this particular Mistress read this and recognize me as her former slave,... Allow me to opportunity to express here in neutral ground, publicly, and respectfully (as You ordered me to break contact with threats of contacting family members if I disobeyed) that I never told You an untruth. What I told You was 100% true. You should have come to me with Your doubts before assuming Your findings were 100% correct based on the Uk's Compu-Geek's report to You.

Your findings were correct, and the 3-rd party on my end always e-mailed you from my computer at my home - she was smart enough to NOT want to give anybody the opportunity to learn any more about her than she wanted, being extremely computer ID theft concerned. So yes, the IP data correctly reported they all came from the same computer,... mine,... but You knew that from the beginning when she repaired my computer - that she had/has access to my computer,... because that was the only way she would communicate with you for her own peace of mind,... and Your final e-mails to both her and me wrongfully accusing me of being both were so very very wrong and just proved her concerns were right it would seem.

That was the saddest as W/we had something special nurturing between U/us.

It would have been Extraordinary Mistress.

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