CB-6000s review/thoughts

Submitted by: Charles

The first 24 hours

I finally ordered it: a chastity tube. The CB-6000s, which comes in a package that declares "Lock him up," meant to restrain erections. Trapping the penis and the balls, the full unit can only be removed by unlocking the padlock. Ideally, someone else would hold the key. I am not in such a point in life where I would have someone hold the keys for me. However, I can see how absolutely maddening it would be if it were to happen.

The night the device arrived, I spent a couple hours playing with cuff rings and spacers. While I am not particularly large in the penis department, it appears I have a very thick scrotum, as the largest cuff is barely enough for me. The second largest worked well enough, but caused some major discomfort after a few minutes... perhaps I will work my way down to that as the sack stretches.

The feeling you get while locked in the CB-6000s is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. For me, it's not so much that the erections end when the penis reaches the end of the tube, although, there is that. When my penis tries to achieve an erection, it's like it "hugs" the base of the tube. It makes you aware that your penis is trying something, but, you never feel a "surge" like you do with even a semi-hard-on. It's like a gentle reminder that it *could* be doing something, but, cannot.

Currently, the only issues I am having is pinching with the scrotum at the base of the cuff ring... I need to figure out how to minimize this, as it caused some pretty big discomforts at times throughout the day.

Around 3 a.m., I fixed the device to my genitals, with the final fit, and locked it up. After admiring the handy-work for a while, I went to sleep... or, at least, tried to. In addition to the aforementioned scrotum pain, and my penis constantly trying to get hard, it was a challenge to stay comfortable.

The original plan was just to try the device on overnight. However, once I eventually fell asleep and then woke up, the device did not really feel all that bad. Getting ready for university, I grabbed one of the keys (just in case), and went off to school. Driving was not difficult at all. My hand occasionally drifted down there, but, more out of "this is something new" than adjusting fit or anything like that.

While in class, I barely noticed the device on at all. Apart from the occasional "hugs" down there, I didn't notice it a bit. During a break though, the scrotum pain became more and more evident. I found a secluded bathroom stall, and examined the device. I pulled on some sack skin, which seemed to alleviate the pain, at least for the short term.

This is when I really noticed... when I looked at chastity devices, all I thought about was how my penis would feel being trapped and locked. I failed to consider how my balls would feel. Being pushed out and just slightly separated, and locked in the unit as well, they felt... different. As you moved the unit, they moved. It's almost like... the life went out of them. You couldn't dangle them. Play with them? Not at all. The funbag was no longer an option. Instead, it was stretched out, unable to retract and hang out as it saw fit. It was there in a certain position, whether it wanted to be or not. It can't move, not by much at all. That is the weirdest part of wearing the device for me. Not the blocked erections, but, the "transformation" of the sack.

At afternoon inspection, I became very horny. However, I was at university. I couldn't do anything about it if I wanted to, I'm pretty sure public masturbation violates a few laws, and is not a desired offense to have on one's record. Plus, I wanted to see how long I could last in the device, what the absolute longest would be before I went crazy.

One pleasant discovery for me is, that, lining up my pee hole correctly, I can urinate standing up. It may take a second of positioning, but, it can be done, so, urinals are still an option... as long as no one sneaks a peek , it's okay!!

Eventually, after my penis realized that even I wanted to have a full hard-on, there was just no way that could happen, and the desires went down. However, it was all I could think about. Even though by now, the device had been on for only 12 hours, it was all-consuming. How was a anti-masturbatory tool making me even more horny?

I had another class that day, and my mind was completely distracted by events there. On the walk to my car afterwards, I could "feel" the device, was aware of it, but, while walking bristly across university, it never bothered me a bit. (Apart from the sporadic scrotum pain... ) The car ride back was similar to earlier.

Deciding the device was comfortable enough, I decided to keep it on as I went to work. There was no discomfort there, although, I became more and more aware of just how often I brush my crotch up against so much stuff, without thinking about it before. Not wanting to make a "clank" noise with my privates, I was more careful than before.

Bending over is... weird. Like when you reach down to pick something up, it just feels... different. I think it's because squarely in the middle, you have this tube and the balls are pushed out a bit... you just have to keep your legs spread a little bit more than normal, and it's all good.

After work, I went shopping. No problems with the device there at all.

Figuring I could keep the device on long enough to hit 24-hours now, I decided to take a quick shower. I'm going to have to learn how better to take care of the device, but, it was easy enough to get soap and water in there, and dry off what I could with a towel.

I did some homework, it went fine. Watched TV, no problem.

Then, I decided I would see how good this device was at preventing ejaculation. So, I loaded up some porn and erotic stories. WHAT a mind-fuck. I wanted to get hard, my penis was dripping precum every now and then, my penis straining against the tube... but, nothing happened. I shook the tube, no cum. I tried to pull it off, nothing. Of course, when the penis is engorged, it's not like you can easily pull it out. Balls wouldn't give. The downward angle of the tube keeps it in place, so, no escape there. No escape anywhere. I wanted a good wank, but, couldn't get it, no matter how hard I tried. I tried to even just have a good cum in the device without releasing myself, just by shaking the tube enough... nothing. Nothing at all. No matter what erotic stimulation I gave myself, nothing happened that I wanted. Just a feeling of minor frustration. Worse, there wasn't a while lot of feeling on the part of my penis. Not the "urge" of even a semi-hard-on. Just that "hug."

I had wanted to have an erection. The most I got was a mild feeling.

I now just have a couple hours left before I hit the 24-hour mark. I may decide to just sleep, and take the device off in the morning. Due to various commitments, I cannot wear it 24/7, at least, not yet. But, 24/1? Yeah, I can maybe do that.

So, will the CB-6000s do its job? Well, so far, it's doing it good enough for me. I have experienced pullout when extremely flaccid. However, I have some KSD-3G's I'll be experimenting with, to see if I can help prevent or slow that down. Worse than that, is, that by the time you WANT to pull it out, is when you are trying to have an erection. By that point, it is difficult-to-impossible to get the penis to retract that far. You can't pull the penis back, you can't pull the tube off, you can't move the balls... . It's maddening. Even more so because there's very little "feeling" in the penis, due to the small tube. It starts, and stops, immediately.

I have noticed that while the device isn't THAT noticeable under clothing, it does give me a little nicer "bulge" than before. The padlock sticks out a lot through underwear, but, not much underneath jeans or slacks. Most people, I think, would just assume a nice, healthy, normal set of male genitals underneath, not understanding that they are trying to act normal, but, are trapped by a device more or less tricking them into submission.

Would I recommend it? Yeah, perhaps. If it's something that interests you, sure. I haven't even had it on a full day, and, it's already pretty comfortable most of the time, and, I'm getting more and more used to it. (I don't think, though, I'll get used to the attempts at an erection, which, I'm sure is the point... )

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