MaleChastityNow KTB Review

Submitted by: Art

I had first come across the Kali's Bracelet while browsing the Altarboy chastity site, what I consider the mother lode of all things cb related. It was indeed disappointing to learn that The Power Exchange stopped offering these for sale. While I tried other devices which advertised similar effects, these all fell short of what the TPE KTB promised. Then, while reading Aarkeybabble's blog (google is your friend,) I found a link to - a small entrepreneur who was making the KTB quite similar to the original from TPE. I spoke with the owner who seemed quite pleasant and took the plunge by ordering a severe version. At the time, I did not have a real relationship with a Dominant. Since I would only be wearing this for short periods, I went for the maximum sensation. Let me say that the device met or exceeded expectations. It was at once light, easily concealed under clothing, could not be easily removed without the key, and extremely punishing when aroused. This was what I had been seeking.

Be careful what you wish for, it may come true. At the same time, a lovely ladyfriend, whom I'd met online ten years earlier and befriended, expressed more than a passing interest in both chastity relationships in general and me in particular. We became closer still and I was elated when Goddess Juliet agreed to be my owner. We agreed to meet when She visited NY and we both felt this was Real. I gave Her the KTB which She locked on and smiled. IT HURT! When She had to leave, I was relieved when She allowed me to finally unlock the device with the one key I had. She had the other, permanently affixed to Her charm bracelet which She wears constantly. We both loved the effect - She felt empowered and I reveled in the need to suffer for Her.

On Her next visit, She was far more diabolical. After binding me securely, She fed me Viagra and then iced down my randy member so She could then lock on the KTB. I had made a crucial mistake. I had shared with Her that I thought I could still achieve orgasm with the KTB locked on. Tied and helpless, She put that claim to the test. Ignoring my gagged protests, She brought me to that edge and then, smiling, pushed me over. I told Her I became an astronomer that day because all I saw after that were stars.

During our next encounter with Kali's power, after locking Her bracelet on me, She tied me securely to a chair, again fed me Viagra and then fetched Her Hitachi. While I watched helplessly, She placed Her lovely feet on the arms of the chair and pleasured Herself with the Buzz. Both Her intense climax and the Viagra had their effect and I was soon in sheer agony. Then, while I was bound and helpless, She leaned forward and stimulated my throbbing member with both the Hitachi and Her long red fingernail. Soon, the cum began to leak and then rush out, not as with a spurting climax, but more like the result of a "milking." She was sated and pleased. I was drained. And then, after cleaining my gism with Her painties, She stuffed the cum-soaked undies into my mouth and did it again. This time, I did climax, screaming in pain into the gag.

We both learned a valuable lessons about Kali's power. With the KTB locked on, I could achieve orgasm but it would be so unbelievably painful that there would be no way I would want to. Well-played, malechastitynow.

For Christmas, we both decided on something special. I commissioned a special KTB to be made especially for Her - engraved with Her name on it. You can see it on the home page. The hinged lock version is far more effective so be warned. When closed, the inner diameter of the KTB is more confining so think more than twice about requesting the severe.

Goddess and I are more than happy to recommend the KTB to anyone interested in this infernally effective device. Workmanship is more than good and the service is first-rate. If you want the closest thing to the original TPE KTB, is the site for you. You won't regret it. Or ... maybe you will. *Wink*

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