PA-5000 Review

Submitted by: Crissy

I have been with Mistress Missy, My wife for about 6 yrs now. We are both Dom/Switches, but I do like to submit more often then I like to admit. However, she has trouble taking full control and keeping it and it always ends up with me getting an orgasm. Since I have been with her, she has encouraged me in my desire for cross dressing and my alter ego Crissy.

My wife and I have played with chastity for a few years, mainly with CB-2000 and CB-6000 along with a metal version but all were trapped ball type. I was never able to wear them for more than a few days do to the largest ring still being a bit to small for me. So we could never do anything long term.

About 2 years ago I got a PA Piercing, and early this month I finally convinced her to try the PA-5000. Due to my girth we ordered the 1.25 size on December 15. It arrived on the 21st and we have agreed that I will hand over the keys as her Christmas present on December 25th. This will give us time to make sure that I do not have any problems with the device.

It is now the 23rd of December and I have worn it for a little over 24 hrs. So far the only problem is that I choose too large of a ring. I have a 8g and I am now using the smallest of the rings. The device came with 4 sets of 3 rings ranging from about with 2 sets of 4g and one each of 6g and 8g. After installing the 8g ring most of the discomfort has stopped.

I have had no problems with it at work, sitting, no pinching or constant adjusting, most of the time I have forgotten I even had it on. I have tried to play with myself, but all I was able to do was get hard with some minor discomfort and could not achieve any orgasm. My most sensitive parts seem to be completely covered.

I have about 48 hours left before I hand over the keys, and if I have no other problems, our chastity contract will go into effect on Christmas Day. I do not know if this will be a curse or a dream, but due to the contract requirements I don't get to be Dom while I am wearing it.

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