Avoid the Bon 4 from Tickleberry

Submitted by: anonymous

This was my first chastity device and I wanted something comfortable and discreet.

I am an exactly average six and a bit inches when erect but very small when not.

Bad first impressions. They forgot to put the padlock in the box and several of the holes in the resin were still filled so i had to cut them with a knife.

  • The cage is quite big so you can see it in my pants which makes it useless to wear all day (This might be because I'm quite small so the crotch of my pants is also quite small).
  • It is surprisingly heavy, there seems to be a lot of material in this device.
  • The cock rings are thick and the small size is as thick at the large size so it pushes the balls out quite a lot (again increasing the bulk of the device).
  • The material is a bit like rubber so it gets stuck and pulls on underwear and bed sheets.
  • The rings aren't flexible enough so it is hard to get in to and easy to get out of. There is also a choice of only three sizes.
  • With some lube and patience, I was able to jack off inside this device!! The cage is just too soft!! 15min and some blue balls later, I was done.

I give this 0 stars because i could jack off in it, escape from it and not wear it out.

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