Exobelt V-1 Review

Submitted by: James

I received my Exobelt V-1. I like that it is just as secure as my X-1, but way more discreet. It was easier to put on as well. For the V-1 you just put on the rings tuck the scrotum back and then install the shield. I like that everything is tucked back and so close to the body. I can't pull out and it feels as though someone is holding on to my balls. I love that.

So far the device is really comfortable. I can stand to urinate (with practice) and you can't tell I'm wearing the device with just normal clothing and normal underpants on. The locks leave a little bump (as all locks do) but, if you replace them with the plastic zip ties and number them or use plastic locks there are no bumps what so ever and I can just hide it under panties.

I was a little afraid when I ordered that the pins would stick out, but they don't at all. They just come out enough to stick a lock or plastic locks through. I did add some more ventilation holes because it fits so close to my body. I have been able to wear this device for 10 days so Im going on to my next lock up stage of 1 month and will be unlocked on Christmas Eve.

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