BirdLocked Silicone Chastity Device

Submitted by: Marco

I ordered the BirdLocked from Tickleberry the minute it came out, and despite high hopes (as always for a new device), I'm afraid this one just doesn't stack up, at least for me.

First, the positives:

- It's actually got more material and is heavier than a CB3000, but because of the flexibility and snug fit (more below), it's quite innocuous under clothing

- The penis "tube" is very comfortable, and the slit for urination is at a good location for fairly clean use. It's probably possible to use this at a urinal, though one would probably want a bit of privacy...

- The silicon material is very hygienic - easy to clean, no intrinsic odors (like latex would have), and seems quite durable.

- With the exception of the "locking ring", the device seems to be of high enough quality. The silicon material is pretty tough and seems like it would probably be durable enough.

OK - the negatives:

- It was a beast to put on, though it might get easier with practice. The first time, I somehow got my package through the "cock ring" portion of the device in only a few minutes, using only saliva as a lubricant. The next time, it probably took an hour, with lube, dry, standing in a hot shower to let "things" hang lower, etc. *Much* more difficult than a CBxxxx, even with a fixed 'A' ring. Experience would probably help, but there's lots of help needed!

-I suspect that the ring portion is tight enough that long term wear might cause that CBxx "burning" feeling at the base of the balls, but I didn't leave it on long enough to find out. The silicon is so grippy on the skin that even with some thicker Vaseline-like lube things don't shift around easily for comfort like the rigid-ring devices.

- The ring that fastens the "ball harness" portion to the "A-ring" portion is a quite thin plastic band, that could easily be cut with a pair of scissors or a knife. By easily, I mean that this material is about the thickness and flexibility of a paperback book cover. I suspect that it's flexible polycarbonate, so it's probably strong enough to prevent the locking post from ripping out, but it feels so flimsy that there's no psychological "locked in" feeling, at least for me. Also, I think that the manufacturer should at least round the corners of the plastic strip - this would have been easy to do, and given a much more polished appearance.

- The penis tube is a bit short, so even without any tumescence at all the penis skin is tightly against the inside of the tube. Because of the soft flexibility of the device, this isn't uncomfortable, but it might make hygiene a bit more difficult. And I do think that a vibrator would probably work right through the material fairly effectively.

- The worst for last: the device is flexible enough that it's possible, fairly easily, to stretch the ring portion and slip the whole thing completely off, not even leaving the balls trapped like a CBxx device. After all that work to put it on, it took about 30 seconds to pull it off. I didn't even try the usual CBxx-type of pull out, because it was easier to remove the whole device. I was so disappointed with this poor performance that I simply put it away and haven't tried it since.

I'm average in size, with perhaps a somewhat high/tight scrotum, so I believe that others might have a somewhat easier time getting the device on, but probably no more difficulty getting it (or themselves!) off. Again, I had high hopes that the "ball-splitter" design might help prevent pull-out, and really wanted it to work, but I think that the CB3000 is actually considerably more secure, particularly outfitted with one of the anti-pull-out additions.

So, sorry about the cold-water review, but for me anyway this wasn't worth the price at all. I'm still looking for an effective and comfortable non-pierced design, though I love the thought of a Lori's PA device (and there's obviously no chance of pull-out). I'd like to try her #12E for the non-pierced, but at $650 that's quite a gamble.


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