Chat about Chastity Belts (using IRC)

What is this Chat?

You are not alone - there's more of us out there than you'd think! Whether you're a wearer, a key holder or simply curious you're welcome to join in the discussion.

We've had people who wear belts for fun, people who wear because their SO requires it, people who require their SO to wear a belt, people who are getting belts for both themselves and their SO and just about any other combination you can think of.

The #ChastityBelt IRC channel on is now up and running. There's people literally around the world on at various times talking about their experiences, plans and fantasies. The #ChastityBelt channel is always around, it gets created whenever the first person joins.

Connect by typing /server in any irc client,
then type /join #chastitybelt

If you wish to use a Java Client, you can point your web browser here.

IRC Tips

If you aren't familiar with IRC, check out IRC Help.

If you would like to learn more about IRC and some of the technical details, and learn where to get help from a fellow CB enthusiast, check IRC Primer for CB Fans.

And here are some tips and rules for proper internet conduct while visiting the IRC channel. Proper Procedures, or how to avoid problems!

The #ChastityBelt channel is a safe, non-commercial place where you can talk about Chastity Belts with like minded people. Go ahead and /join!

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