IRC Channel Tips and Rules

With the new Java chat client on AB's the channel is seeing a fair bit of new traffic so I thought I would review some of what people need to know in the way of rules, regulations and netiquette that the channel lives by. The rules are meant to make the experience a safe and pleasant experience for folks so I hope people will understand the necessity of them.

The first and foremost rule is be respectful of the other chatters.Being rude or obnoxious is a sure way to get kicked out, in some severe cases permanently. Along the same lines as this falls netiquette. The operators of the channel are fairly lenient in order to not stifle chat, but if a person is a consistent problem we will remove them .

It is generally polite to ask in channel before private messaging someone you don't know. If someone messages people unwarranted and it becomes a problem, they are removed from the channel.

I don't believe the new java client has this ability but one other hard fast rule pertains to cochanneling. If an op happens to whois a user (a way of querying the server to see where the user is coming from and what channels and server they are using) and finds they are also in channels they deem inappropriate they will likely be kicked and possibly banned from the channel. In particualr our operators look to see if a user is in channels pertaining to child pornogrophy, child sex or other forms of pedophilic exploitation. Being in such channels and in ours will get you banned no second chances. This includes channels with names like momdaughtersex, preteensexpics and the like.

We try to keep the channel on topic but there are times that the subject matter varies. It tends to centre around cb's but one minute you will see chat about cb's, the next about computers, the next about what someone was doing at work that particular day. It's a place for people to kick back and relax.

If you as a user have a problem or a question you don't wish to express in open channel look for the folks with an @ symbol in front of their names.These are the ops, and you may always type /msg (opsnickname) your message here - and that message will go only to that person. Any op should be able to help you out . In particular edri{AF}, divad and poiu are the senior ops in the channel and can help with most things.

The java client is a great tool but most folks would be much happier if they were running a MIRC or pirch client. Either of these programs will connect you to Dalnet, and from there it is a simple matter to type /join #chastitybelt to join us.These clients have a lot of functionality that the java client doesn't. I personally recommend MIRC but I may be biased. Mirc is available for download at or at .

If anyone is having problems joining us, needs help getting connected or has a question that pertains to the channel please feel free to contact me and I will help out any way I can. Happy chatting!


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