One week with the CB-6000

Submitted by: Frankie

After having read various reviews, and almost all of the fiction on this site, I decided it was time to try a device of my own, the CB-6000 from A.L. Enterprises. I've read both negative and positive reviews of the device here, and of its immediate predecessors in the CB-xxxx line, and wanted to go over my thoughts. The experience has been largely positive, though there are a few concerns that anyone thinking about buying the device should take into account. Ultimately, I think everything I've experienced is subjective, and given the huge variety of penis sizes and shapes, it's nearly impossible to say how it will work for anyone without trying it on.

Packaging: The CB-6000 came in an attractive outer box, which is nice, but not really a selling point one way or another. The zippered pouch that is contained within the box, however, is a nice feature, letting me easily store all the various bits and pieces that come with the device.

Appearance: I purchased the stock clear plastic model, and I found it rather nice looking, though I will say that after wearing it for a bit, plastic gets a little clouded. Nothing a good cleaning can't take care of, though.

Fitting: The CB-6000 comes with 5 different scrotum ring sizes and 4 different locking pin / spacer combinations to allow for varying fits. After some experimentation, and unfortunately a little pain, I was able to find a combination that worked for me. I can wear it comfortably for extended periods, and it provides sufficient security. It took a considerable amount of time to find the right fit for me, so if you do get this device and are having trouble, don't give up right away, my fitting process took a period of several days to get right.

Security: This is the biggest area that people seem to have a beef with the CB-xxxx series, and after experimenting, I can understand why. The first thing I will say on the subject is that, at least for me, there is no way that I can seem to configure it where it's impossible for me to pull my penis out of the device. This could have something to do with my anatomy, as while I'm smack in the middle of the average range erect, when soft, it can become very small, so depending on your build, this could be a concern. I will say, however, that while I can pull my penis from the tube, the fit is such that it is completely impossible to pull my testes out of the device, and any attempt to do so causes considerable pain. Further, though my penis can pull out of the device, I have discovered that I definitely don't want it to; any erection serious enough to get off results in an intense pulling on my testicles as the area swells and engorges, which causes considerable pain. The pain caused by this situation is enough to curtail any activity, and certainly any orgasm, as it is essentially nauseating. Also, while it's possible to gain some stimulation inside the tube (enough to achieve orgasm in my case, though with a looser fitting ring / spacer combination) for me, again the tugging on my testicles and the associated pain precludes me from getting any enjoyment.

Conclusion: While it took a while to find the correct fitting combination for me, and there were some initial concerns about security, I've been able to find a setup that works for me. I'm confident enough to hand over the keys for long term use, but I would caution that anyone's mileage may vary. Caveat emptor.

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