The Sentinel Orgasm

Submitted by: keyless


Love your site, check it everyday, read it every time there is a new post of some kind. Here's something that maybe of interest to you and your readers.

I received a Sentinel chastity device. I enjoy wearing it much more than the plastic ones that are on the market. The weight and feel of it are more exotic than the others, and it is more comfortable too.

One night while I was locked up in it, I was watching some porn on the computer. The wife was at work, just me and the Sentinel, and one hard cock straining to get out. Then the precum started.

Of course I was feeling my cock, what little of it I could, then the precum started oozing out and I rubbed it on the head of my cock the best I could. There is two small openings in the Sentinel, just under the head of the cock. I was able to stimulate the cock through those openings with the tips of my fingers.

After a short experiment, I found I was able to really get a good feeling from just the two fingers, and my precum. The more I worked at it, the more I could feel and orgasm coming.

And when it came, it was one of the best I have had in a long time. I really wanted to share that with someone. No need to tell the wife about it. If she finds out I will never be unlocked again.

Getting the Sentinel was one of the best gifts I have received in a long time.

yours in chastity,


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