Review of Phoenix Xannadu

Submitted by: AG

Here is my review of the Phoenix Xannadu chastity device. It took longer then expected to receive, but that was not an issue as I was out of town anyway. Of course I was excited to try out the new device. I've had and own several chastity devices and am locked for long periods in a modified CB-3000, as well in a CS-100 full belt from chastity steel if more security is called for. The Xannadu promised to be an addition to bridge the gap between the two.

Upon unpacking, I was disappointed that it was clear with bright red sides,.. quite ugly in my opinion and not at all what Frank the owner assured me he would send when I asked for a clear cage. Anyway,.. onwards with the review. Upon inspecting the moving cylinder and it's function the side panel of the cage broke off. What a bummer since I inserted just a thumb to test it's function. The joints are poorly welded together. Since I did not want to ship the item back to NZ and wait for some sort of replacement with equally poor assembly I decided to take matters into my own hands and use the new formula super glue to piece the cage back together. The new super glue works wonders btw. So,.. after it cured; time to try it out finally.

I told Frank that I fit perfectly in the CB-3000 and if the Xannadu would be similar in size, which he confirmed before I ordered. Too bad though,.. the Xannadu is way smaller and just the process of fitting it was agony. Finally all the parts came together and I was locked. Locked into a device that is so small no chance I could last more then 30 min. My member turned white from lack of circulation and the cylinder put so much pressure on the scrotum, it was completely unwearable to me. So, now I have a once broken, then fixed but still unusable chastity device that cost $200.- I was sure that I could get some sort of solution from Frank. However he was not helpful and offered excuses all along the way until he had me at the point of just forgetting about the whole thing. His argument was that he never heard that this device was too small for anyone, nor that it is poorly put together.

He would not even exchange it because of the wrong color he sent or that it broke right out of the box. He became increasingly more hostile and threatened me to not disclose my review. Folks,.. I am straight up with you, you all deserve to know the truth about this vendor and hang on to your cash. I am out $200 and have nothing to show for it.

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