Ms Lori's New Device #12

Submitted by: Marc

I wanted to shed a little light on the new Mistress Lori chastity device that she is offering. For those of you that havent seen it, you can see it at

The device in question is the new #12 and the new #12A. I purchased the #12A chastity device from Ms Lori and just recently received it. After a brief test period, I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone on the new device. The difference between the #12 and #12A is that the #12A is designed to be used in conjunction with a PA piercing and the #12 is designed to be used without. Obviously, a piercing will make any chastity device more secure, but even if you are not pierced, I think that this new device from Ms Lori will work for you as well.

As you can see from the pictures on Mistress Loris site, there are two rings: a large ring that goes around the scrotum and the penis itself, and the smaller ring that the head, or glans, is put through. The device works by first working everything through the large ring, at which point, the smaller ring will be sitting at a 90 degree angle from the large ring on the underside of the scrotum. Then you take the penis and pull it down, sort of splitting the testicles, causing them to bulge out, one on each side, at which point the glans is threaded through the smaller ring. Once properly placed, the ring will sit right behind the glans on the sensitive area of the penis.

Then, in the case of the #12A, the PA pin is threaded through the bottom of the junction of the two rings and through the underside of the penis and then out the tip of the penis. Next a small bar is placed over the base of the PA pin on the bottom of the device to lock it in place. After doing this, the two studs on the top of the smaller ring are then applied and screwed into the proper position. There are 4 different depth levels that they can be screwed into, with each successive level causing more and more feedback. The studs themselves do a few different jobs. The first job, which is the most important, is that they make it so that you cannot stretch the penis far enough out to slip out of the PA attachment. The next thing that the studs do is that they keep the glans contained within the smaller ring so that there is no pulling on the piercing. The final job they do is act as a biofeedback measure when an erection is attempted. This is the interesting part.

Now, I know what you are thinking... how could two dulled studs actually provide any meaningful feedback? I have to be honest, I had those same thoughts before getting the device, but I can tell you this much, they most certainly do provide very interesting feedback! I had the fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) opportunity to be locked into a KTB in the past. Now the KTB was the ultimate in biofeedback for chastity devices, and I must say, the feeling that I got from the two dulled studs was comparable to that of the feeling I got while wearing the KTB. I literally have to sit and maneuver myself into some strange positions to relieve the pressure when I get those thoughts while wearing Ms Loris new chastity device. Once the two studs are in place, a pin that looks like a half-moon is guided through the two studs and set into an indentation on the side of the device, right near where the bar locks the PA pin in. Then, the lock is placed over the pin holding the studs in place and the bar holding the PA pin in place. Viola! Instantly chastised!

I must say that this is the most effective chastity device I have ever been locked into (for good or for worsehehehe). Once one is locked into it, there is NO hope of escape, NO hope of erection, and NO hope of orgasm. The reason one cannot get an erection in the device is because of the extreme downward angle that the penis is held in. You just cannot get fully erect while the penis pointing towards your feet, it is just impossible. Oh, it tries, and tries, and tries, believe me, but there is just no chance of erection, and what little swelling is obtained, is punished by the studs. Even if you could get an erection in this device (which you cant), it would do no good because 3/4 of the penis is enveloped by the scrotum, leaving you nothing to grab on to anyway!

Besides being totally effective, it is also extremely comfortable to wear. Except for when I am having thoughts that I shouldnt be having, I barely even know the device is there. The only thing that does remind me of the device is when I walk and the bulging on the sides of the penis from the testicles being forced to the sides rubs on my legs! This is an interesting and odd sensation, one that I got used to after a while and is not noticeable at all unless one is thinking about it, or having those thoughts, that he shouldnt be having! Besides the ease of wear, it is also completely invisible. There are no tell-tale bulges whatsoever and NO ONE will know that you are wearing this device, trust me. In fact, because of the way the penis is tucked down and out of view, it is perfect for those that wish to feminize their subs!

The design and the craftsmanship behind this new device from Ms Lori are absolutely impeccable! The device looks as if it were made on some sort of automated assembly line, when it is in fact, made by hand by Ms Loris chastised subject, Paulie. Not only is it quite effective in its main objectivechastityit is also very beautiful and exquisitely well made. I have purchased almost every kind of chastity device out there, including a few tubes from Ms Lori, and I must say that this is the ultimate in chastity right now. I though Ms Loris tubes were the cream of the crop until she came out with this new design. For the price, quality, and service, you just cannot beat it. I highly recommend you get this device if you are in the market for a quality, flawless chastity device.

One thing I cannot stress enough is getting the measurements right. As with any chastity device, getting the proper sizing is the key. I wholeheartedly recommend that you do a little experimentation before ordering the device in order to find the right sizes. Trust me, you will be allot happier if you spend a few days doing your homework beforehand than to have to wait for the device to be changed afterwards; which brings up another plus to Mistress Lori. Mistress Lori provides the unbeatable customer service! I have never seen anyone as eager to please her customers as Mistress Lori is, even in my day-to-day life. She will work with you and make any corrections that are necessary in order for you to have that perfectly fitting chastity device. I cannot stress enough communication. If you communicate with her and explain any needs/concerns that you have, I guarantee that you will come away a happy customeror at least your top will be happy, as for the one being chastised, that all depends on how one looks at it, doesnt it ;)

One final note, although my review of this new chastity device is based on the #12A, I am pretty confident the non-pierced version, the #12, will work just as well for someone who is not pierced. The only difference being that instead of a PA pin, there is a fixed stud that accomplishes all three of the objectives that I mentioned above. Of course, the best bet would be to get a piercing if you want a very secure device, but for those of you who do not have, or want, a piercing, this is a great way to join the rest of us lucky ones that are chastised! The non pierced version may not look all that menacing, but believe me, those three spikes will do everything they are supposed to!

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