My Experience with Locked In Steel

Submitted by: Voelkel

I began my experience with Locked IN Steel by reading the website. It was very encouraging. I had some previous experience with other chastity products and was never able to wear any for an extended time without injury.

In order to maximize my chances of getting a good fit, and due in no part to my lack of confidence in my own skills at getting measurements correct, I sought an appointment for in person measurement at Locked In Steel's offices. This was not easy to do.

The Locked In Steel folks never answer their phone...apparently are Always busy in the shop. Email messages sometimes bring a response. Since I live about 1500 miles from the Locked In Steel Offices, I wanted to fly to their area, rent a car and have a time certain to be measured. My mistress works and it is necessary for us to undertake such trips with some advance planning. Also, in order to get reasonable airfare these days, it is necessary to make reservations and buy tickets well in advance, like 30-45 days. Otherwise, the additional cost of two roundtrip tickets could exceed the cost of the chastity belt. We requested an appointment, and waited. Finaly, we purchased the tickets before we got the appointment set on the hopes that we could get one with Locked In Steel, and informed them of the dates that we would be in their area. We were able to make this work for us because we decided that if we didnt get an appointment, the trip could be a spring vacation for us. Sometime after buying the tickets, we did get an appointment and directions to the office on the last day or so of our trip.

Actually, the address we were given was for the house across the street. We arrived a few minutes early and found an empty house. So, we called. This time they answered their phone... for the first and only time that we have ever called. Well, oops you got the address wrong, come across the street. Ok, and we did.

Jillian and her partner were very nice and welcoming. They showed us around the shop in the basement, showed us a belt and some in progress. We talked about options and on the promise that if the solid rear straps did not work, they would be replaced for free with chains, we elected that option. Jillian measured me. I asked for a realistic delivery date and said to make it whenever she wanted. Jillian said 90 days.

I paid cash, over $1000 as she priced the ordered product.

Well, 90 days passed, 100 passed. We inquired. Finaly on the third inquiry, we got an email.... supplier problems.... another 30 days. And, so it went until 6 months had gone by, and then, we got delivery!

Well, the belt was a very tight fit. I ordered the front plate..they call it transgender shield. It stuck up so much that it was almost impossible to get the key in and out of the padlock and the lock was in such a strain that it make it very difficult to close. I had to lie on my back and mistress had to push down very hard to get the lock to close.

Within a few days the rear metal straps, which bowed out below my butt instead of across it, began to give way at their connection to the back of the front shield and both broke off.

I sent the belt back requesting the chains be intalled. In a few weeks the belt was returned with chains.

I could hardly get into the belt. There was so much strain on the front shield that the original tamper proof lock could not be closed because the front shield could not be made to lie flat. A smaller pad lock was used. The penis tube cut off my urethera, and I could barely pee by pushing down on the front of the belt to relieve the pressure.

We had to give up on the belt. It just didnt fit.

Now, it is possible that could have been caused by weight gain on my part. I didnt weigh before getting measured, so I really dont know if that is part of the problem. At any rate the belt is useless. I have never been able to wear it.

And, we have a life and have not followed up for abuot a year....until a few months ago..

We emailed Locked In Steel requesting an appointment during the week of Thanksgiving. The Mistress can get off from work. We explained that we needed advance notice of 45 days to get a decent plane fare. We actually got a seasonable reply. Locked in Steel told us that they didnt know what they would be doing that week, but they would let us know if they could see us. I replied that 45 day was desireable for plane fare purchase and that we were not pursuing any sort of warranty claim... did not want a freebe, just to get a good fit. NO ANSWER......... EVER. Thanksgiving is now less 30 days hence. There is no hope of getting a decent or affordable plane fare. I have a useless belt. I have followed up with at least 4 additional messages seeking service. I HAVE NO REPLIES.



So, I just dont get it. Customer takes requests appointment to buy product. Customer takes chance and books trip, in hopes of getting appointment. Customer comes in, pays price of product cash in advance. Customer asks for realistic delivery day. After double the promised time finaly gets defective product, which returned and changed. Customer requests well in advance appointment to get fit corrected. And is willing to fly half way across the continent to pay for service. Customer is snubbed, ignored and winds up with nothing of value to himself. What is going on HERE???


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