Personal Experience of the BON4 - An Update

Submitted by: Rick

Submitted by: Rick My previous review of the BON4 followed the first three months or so of use, during the summer of 2011. This update is not a replacement, but is intended to provide more details following a further three months, up until about mid-January 2012. If you haven't read my first review, it would be best to do so before reading this update. I make no apology where I've repeated myself here though, as I believe this review ought to stand on its own. For convenience, I have grouped my comments using the same headings as before, adding a couple of new headings at the end.

My intention is to write about what it's like using the BON4 device. There are lots of sources of information about its design, fitting instructions and other practical matters such as hygiene. Others write about how the use of a chastity device has affected their relationship and so on, but few seem to write about what its really like to wear. This made it more difficult for my wife and I to decide which model to purchase, so I hope my new article with be of use to others in the same situation.


I said before that once it's properly in place, you really can forget that it's there and I still hold that view. Two minor points to add though. Firstly, after a period of wear, the inside of the ring seems to become stuck to the skin, making removal more difficult. No harm done but it means I have to ease the ring away and take time to remove it carefully. This was actually quite scary the first time it happened and my skin felt as though it was going to be sore but once the ring was off, I found there to be no irritation. The second thing is that occasionally when I sit, the ring pushes back into my body. Although uncomfortable, it can be alleviated by just standing up and 'adjusting' everything. This is caused, I think, partly by the size and shape of the device, particularly the ring itself and partly because I was initially pulling too much skin through the ring as I put it on (see 'Fitting' below for more on this).


No change to previous comment. It's still rather awkward and fiddly. Sometimes despite best efforts the ring ends up slightly out of line and whilst minor adjustments are possible, easing the skin away and twisting the ring so that the slots are level, more major errors require removing the ring and starting again. Once the ring is properly sited, the 'arms' that attach the cage must be seated firmly and correctly, otherwise it won't be properly secure so care is needed throughout.

My wife, Rosie, has tried to fit it to me, but has given up on her attempts for fear of hurting me or just getting frustrated because she can't get it quite aligned properly. She simply leaves it to me to fit and then clicks the padlock in place.

I discovered that the BON4 fits better and is not quite so obvious if I don't pull the ring on so far (i.e. not right up to my body) during fitting. To begin with I was pulling everything through with as much skin as I could, which meant the device stuck out more, sometimes dug in to my body when I sat down as described above and was perhaps not quite as secure. I now make sure that only enough of the scrotum protrudes to comfortably accommodate the balls, which incidentally are held tighter as the cage engages. There's also less skin trapped under the cage, which also improves comfort.


Regular showering and thorough drying off with a hair-dryer has continued to be successful. Particular care must be taken to dry areas where the skin is pressed against the plastic. If the penis is partially enlarged it can trap moisture against the inside of the cage, causing the device to 'steam up'. If this happens, I wait a while and then use the dryer again.


No issues here as long as enough care is taken to fit it properly. Of course I could cut it off, but I don't think escape is possible otherwise. The holes make it possible to stroke a tiny area of skin when my penis is pressed against the cage, and the softness of the material means that I can squeeze my penis through the plastic. However, neither of these actions could be described as satisfying in any way.

With the change made to how I fit the device, my balls are held tightly between the ring and the cage. Security is improved (although I couldn't get the device off anyway) as any attempt to slide the ring or cage causes pressure on the balls, which is slightly painful.


Still the main problem with this is the difficulty in concealing it under clothing. If that could be sorted out it would be ideal. I am fortunate in that I work almost entirely at home, so it's not often I have to worry about concealing it under a suit or formal wear. Under jeans, which is what I usually wear, it's fine as long as they are a nice loose-fitting style.

What it's like to wear:

Since my original review, Rosie has decided to increase the length of time between releases and two weeks is now fairly commonplace with the maximum being three weeks, or twenty nights to be more precise. (She only allows me out at weekends, which is why I measure it in weeks.)

The only effects of wearing the BON4 for longer have been the 'stickiness' referred to above and increased frustration. I do not appear to have become desensitized to the rubbing (something I suspected might happen) and by the end of a two-week stint, night-time erection attempts become more persistent. Daytime is one of constant sensations and frequent arousals that remind me of my new lifestyle.

Looking back, I found one week's confinement fairly easy compared to the more recent fortnightly schedule. It's towards the middle of the second week that the intensity seems to kick in and after the second weekend of the three-week spell that I endured, I thought it was going to send me insane! I thought I wouldn't be able to bear it through the remaining week but of course, if you can't do anything about it, there is no choice but to tolerate it.

I'm not really the sporting type but am keen on swimming to keep fit and have found this to be quite possible. I wear some tight-fitting 'trunk-style' swimwear (to flatten everything down as much as possible) and then some rather baggy swimming shorts (which I don't really like) over the top to hide any remaining bumps and bulges. I really don't think anyone has noticed at the local pool.

Although I sleep quite well, this is one area that has become more difficult since I first wrote. I often wake during the night with my penis straining hard against the plastic and it is impossible to ignore this and get back to sleep. Sometimes, getting off to sleep in the first place is delayed by Rosie wanting attention, which gets me aroused too of course. She appears to quite enjoy watching me burning up on these occasions.

I still regard myself as something of a newbie to chastity, and have to admit that I was rather naìve at the outset in thinking that a chastity device would simply prevent erection, masturbation and any other sexual activity. Of course I realized that I would become aroused and that night-time erections would be attempted and thwarted and I knew that these would be frustrating. What I did not fully appreciate was that devices such as the BON4 (still the only device I've worn), are deliberately designed to stimulate and arouse, maximizing the frustration for the wearer. If I'm right, there are some wicked minds at work here.


Six months experience with the BON4 is long enough to be fairly sure that I've discovered all there is to know and everything I've written is complete and accurate. It is only one person's experience of course but I can say that this device is superbly comfortable, secure, frustrating and effective. As before, if the bulkiness could be overcome, it would be as close as perfect as you could get.

Other reviews of this item tend to be strongly divided with some saying the comfort is excellent and it's the best device they've ever worn. At the other end of the scale are those that say the BON4 is useless. This reinforces my view that it's all down to personal anatomy and lifestyle as I have managed with it for six months with no major problems. However, I have revised my view that the constant rubbing and stimulation is down to a fortunate (?) co-incidence of the size and shape of the device closely matching my own anatomy and have become convinced that it is an intentional design feature. It's no accident that the internal ridge of the cage connects with one of the most sensitive areas of the penis.

The Future:

I've already hinted that Rosie enjoys me wearing the BON4 and is keen to take things forward. At some point we will probably try an alternative device (such as the CB6000S) but for now, she is intent on extending the length of time that I am caged. My current fortnightly (on average) release equates to 26 orgasms a year and this too many according to Rosie. She is determined to get the number down to 'a more realistic level' whatever that means.

Rosie's point of view:

Finally, Rosie has said that she intends to write about our experiences from her point of view so look out for those in the not too distant future.

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