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Submitted by: amusoman

I had tried a variety of devices particularly the Cb Curve. My wife directed me to use it sporadically...e.g. for when i went out with out her. However, it was not by any means a 24/7 situation. Three months ago I entered into an email penpal friendship with first a Dominant Woman and then more frequently with her submissive husband. I was quite surprised to find that this couple who were quite similar to my wife and myself practised a 24/7 femdom lifestyle ( with kids!!). To be honest i had always thought that the stuff of fantasy! Yet here was a couple who lived it! Of course I was both envious and intriqued!

My friendly American correspondent was locked into a Mature Metal jailbird. And spoke very highly of it! I liked the look of it a lot but was a little turned off by the 300 dollar plus price for what could be a very short lived experiment. While browsing the internet i came across the Dick Cage. I was particularly taken by its claims of great comfort and security something i found the Curve lacked. However in defence of the Curve i did not know the importance of trimming my pubic hair and of day and night use of a long lasting lube/gel when i was most using it.

The Dick Cage can be bought from Dickcage.com. It ended up being around half the price of the Mature Metal. It was easy to order and it arrived from the other side of the world in under 2 weeks.

First impressions. The Dick cage from memory was well packaged and immediately presented as a well designed and engineered piece of silicone. It consists of 2 major pieces that can readily be seen on the web site. It comes in black or a transparent white. I chose the white. The cock ring is a bout 4 cms in breadth and 2- 3mm in depth. It has flared ends for comfort.This is to stop the silicone edges digging in. The ring/cuff is not circle shaped but more oval. The website claims this is a more anatomically appropriate shape.

The other major part is the cock tube. It is about 75mm or 3 inches long and interestingly it fits up and under the cock ring/cuff. A little plastic post pops up from the tube and through the cuff and a padlock (supplied) allows the device to be locked in what seems a quite secure manner. The tube rides right up into the skin folds above the penis and gently pushes against the pelvic bone. This means the penis is fully enclosed and cant be touched or tugged on or pleasured. There are a couple of vent holes and a pee hole for urination.

Being Winter still when i first got it and being largely inexperienced with cock rings I had at first all sorts of trouble getting it on. I struggled and struggled until my chastity penpal gave me some cock ring tips. I hav found it much much easier to get into once warmer months came and if I used lube around my balls and in the cuff. The tube is easy to put on and put in place and once locked gives a delightfully secure and snug feeling. If plenty of lube is used a nice "sucky" feeling can be felt at times!

The device is quite attractive and the wife quite liked the look of it. To be honest it helped make her actually like the idea of now locking me in semi permanently particularly after telling her how comfortable this device was. However, the look of the stainless steel devices is "cooler" and kinkier".

Pluses. The Dick Cage was easy to order and delivery was swift. It is as comfortable as it claims especially if the pubic hair is trimmed right down and a long last lube like vaseline, baby oil gel, or petroleum jelly or equivalents are used. Use of these did not seem to affect the silicone.

It is good for all activities from weight lifting to swimming.

I rarely had problems with ring burning or pinching during the early morning "wood" period. Erections were restricted but generally very comfortable during locked in sexual service or tease and denial sessions. The Dickcage is not detectable under clothing. It would be very unlikely to be picked up by metal detectors.

Minuses. It is not very secure. If the tube is pulled down and headed towards the anus direction then it became very easy to pull out of and all the way off. However, all dick trap devices are ultimately quite defeatable without a urethral tube or PA. I think they are largely best used as a symbolic chastity and a physical reminder of ones enslavement and submission to your Dominant. In that regard the Dick cage works as well as any. I could investigate the next ring size smaller (40 mm)..but I think I would be swapping more security for less comfort.

Unless you have a good moveable shower spray it does need removal for cleaning. Especially once hot, the tube gets quite "funky" smelling after a couple of days.

I personally found the Dick Cage got uncomfortable if I had to sit for longer periods of time while driving or at ones desk. Especially in tighter jeans or underwear. Others may not find it so.

I like the Dick Cage. It was everything the web page claimed it would be (just not very secure). At present it is my number two device and i do like it for adding variety and as it seems to grip in different places it is good to put on if my other device starts to get a little uncomfortable.

My number one device? It is a stainless steel cheapie that is commonly under 30 dollars on Ebay (search for "chastity device" ) it is stainless steel and has a spiral spring type cock tube and a standard steel cock ring and post but with 2 smaller posts that fit from the tube into the ring for greater stability. Some come with a urethral tube/plug. I do not have that. I did at first get some excruciating morning wood with it but using plenty of long lasting gel before bedtime and just getting used to it has largely stopped that pain...took a couple of weeks but has been worth it.

Best of all my Domme wife loves it and loves having me locked up!

Regards to all my brothers and sisters in chastity!


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