Exobelt Extreme Review

Submitted by: Jellsworth

I have the new exobelt extreme. It is very small and compact. I put on regular clothes and dont even have to worry about it showing. So there are no issues there.

The device is comfortable to wear. No pinching since there are no rings. I should also mention that the 2 shells grip the penis. Its not painful unless you try to pull out. Trying to pull out brought tears to my eyes and no luck. I wont even try again it hurt so bad.

One thing that I was unsure of but, now am greatful for is that the 2 peices dont touch togther on the sides. I have little slots on the sides. (maybe just me, but I am a little thick). Its very little you cant get anything in there. What is a plus on that is that it makes the device super easy to clean and I have more than enough ventilation. No reside gets caught in there and I dont need lube either. A plus in my book. Less odor that way. I asked Jenny about this and she said that was normal. It will fit everyone differently because its a trapped penis device, not a trapped ball device. She said its supposed to grip the penis. Mission accomplished. It does. I should mention that I use the next to largest spacer in the middle.

I like that I can wear this device long term and have no fitting or pull out issues. I dont even have to take it off for a good cleaning now and then because its easy to keep clean. Im very satisfied with this device.

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