Ring of Steel Iron Maiden

Submitted by: Northbound

After two weeks of wearing the Ring of Steel Iron Maiden 24/7, I decided to add my review to your site to say how totally satisfied I am with this piece.

I have worn it throughout all my routines, including running and weightlifting with absolutely no issues, unlike the chafing, sores and open wounds I experienced with other pieces of similar cost. It is totally secure and serves its purpose well, making the release times awesome!

Vad Farkas did a fantastic job with all the joints and the polishing. It looks like a piece of jewelry. I found him great to work with, answering my questions and providing a quality piece in a reasonable timeframe.

I also have a Ring of Steel spiked ring with 6 mm spikes that my lady puts behind the maiden when she decides I need extra reminding of who is in charge of the equipment. ;-)

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