Locked In Steel Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Enigma

Jillian from Locked In Steel has done her research and work into making the best chastity belt I've ever seen or worn. My LIS belt is my 4th chastity device and my 2nd steel belt. However I have personally seen a Jones belt (built by Bill Jones) and a Hilmer belt. I own and have worn a My-Steel belt plus a CB3k and a CB6k for long term use. (More than several weeks locked.) My LIS belt is a slight curved belt, TS Shield, Vented Standard Tube, and rear chains. Hands down, Jillian's Locked in Steel belt is the most secure belt I've experienced. It's extremely well made and solid. When handing over the key to my wife, I know that there is no way I'm getting out of it until she unlocks me. (And that is supposed to be how it is!) The belt at first looks simple in design, but after a close inspection, you begin to realize the thought and detail that has been put into it; everything from better drainage of the penis tube to the high quality laser cutting of the belt.

Measuring Process:

Jillian measured me personally and I highly recommend getting measured this way. She knows every angle and aspect of measuring and even if you think she's wrong about a measurement, she's right. She is very professional and precise. She has lots of experience with different body types and can even help you find the right options for your specific type. Some options are better than others for different body type. Jillian is more interested in getting the right option for your body type than selling options you don't need. For example I thought I would need the high security tube, since I'm able to pull out of a CB2k and CB6k. However Jillian recommended the standard vented tube for comfort of my body type and she promised that I would be unable to pull out with the standard tube and as it turned out she was correct.

Fit and Finish:

The belt speaks of high quality materials and is solid and sturdy. It feels like quality steel in your hands. It weighs about 2 lbs with every edge rounded off. I'm unable to find a single sharp point anywhere on the belt. Every corner is rounded off for comfort and the lining is made from silicon for even more comfort and speaks durability for long term wear. I'm confident that this belt will give many years of frustrating enjoyment for myself and lots of teasing fun for my wife.


I never knew steel underwear could be so comfortable. There are times that I forget that I'm wearing the belt. It took me about 2 weeks of adjustments to get to this point, but this was a shorter acclimation time than my other steel belt. The tube design prevents any pinching at the tip of the penis. The tube is completely smooth and coated with the end being wrapped around by the front shield to prevent any pinching and of course touching.


It's Fort Knox for my sex!!! Once locked on you are locked in steel and your going to stay that way. Short of the Jaws of Life, you're not getting out if it easily by yourself without the key. Nothing is 100% impossible to remove without a key, but Jillian has made this belt as secure as one can be. There is no way to stimulate your penis in any way. Every angle is protected and everything is held in a tight but comfortable steel embrace. The belt moves with your body, but that's it. The penis is held tightly but comfortably forces pointing down. An errection simply isn't going to happen with this belt locked on. The lock of protected from being attacked by bolt cutters and with 5 tumblers on the lock, it would not be easy to pick. Also she chooses key patterns the make it harder to pick. All the pins are laser welded and there looks like there would be little if any chance of those being able to break off and certainly impossible while locked on.


The front tube design allows for easy urine drainage and very little drip is left. Daily showers are all that are necessary to keep clean. However, a hand held shower head is recommended to thrust water up into the tube for washing things out. I have gone for 17 days in a row in this belt without any hygiene or comfort problems. I could have gone longer, but my keyholder/wife needed me out for her purposes .

Discreteness and Daily Activities:

I wear this belt for days and weeks at a time 24/7. I go to work, drive, bowl, workout and even helped moved heavy equipment while belted. (Even Yoga on the Wii Fit is possible.) Sorry guys, but short of a metal detector, there is no reason why someone can't be belted 24/7. The belt hugs your body very closely and is not bulky in any way. With my other steel belt, I would sometimes have to wear pants that had a little more room in the crotch area, but with the LIS belt, I'm able to wear all my street wear without a problem. I wear the belt around friends and family who have no ideal I wear steel underwear. It is fun of course to show off at your local dungeon [grin].

In conclusion, my LIS belt is the best belt that I've owned or even seen. I'm very happy with my decision and choice and would highly recommend this belt for anyone who wants to be in the chastity lifestyle. There are many reasons to be belted, but regardless of your reason, I think you will find that the LIS belt is the highest quality belt that you can find. If you have any questions, you can find me on FetLife as enigmaPOJ and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.


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