Making the Birdcage Fit for Long Term Wear

Submitted by: Aron

I've had a thing about chastity and piercing for a long time, but not being into BDSM or self harm, I have never come up with an over the counter/Internet product which gave the right combination of hygiene, comfort, security, inobtrusiveness which would fit it for my long term wear.

Large custom made lumps of metal, whatever their enhanced security may be, are basically unfit for the practicalities of everyday life, which tends to go on whatever your chastity preferences.

However for me only metal has the appropriate connotations for chastity wear, and I have found that the cheapest, the Birdcage from, ranked high in many categories, particularly hygiene where its open ribs enable perfect cleanliness, but unfortunately, like the rest, failed in others, specifically:

1. Pullout.

2. The bottom edge of the cock cage ring is too narrow and tends to cause an odema within a couple of days.

3. The cock ring is too narrow, making it migrate down from the cock base and becoming uncomfortable over time.

I've tried a few alternatives, but none of them, expensive or cheap, really improved matters to better enhance the experience.

I have a Prince Albert, which now can encompass a 8mm ring, and the first mod was to drill out (and smooth off) the central hole at the end of the Birdcage to enable me to fix this ball closure ring in place. An 8mm ring is more comfortable when the piercing is under slight pressure.

Next the cock ring. I've superglued it to a broad cock ring of a similar size and this has made it far more comfortable and secure in place. Obviously if I get my hands on welding kit I'll make that marriage more secure.

The edema problem is annoying because it is purely an inadequacy in the design. Having a thin plate at the base of the cage which has a gentler curve at the ring end to take away the point contact which causes the odema would be a very simple design improvement. This would turn the current toys designed for short term recreational use into the genuine article.

My current best solution isn't perfect, but certainly extends the possible wearing time. Take a small piece of well worked flexible but fairly thick leather leather about 3cm wide, part of an old belt is fine, and shape it into a tongue with an inch long straight extension at the rear of the tongue. Shave off the edges of the leather all around so it doesn't form a ridge. Use a cooking oil to make it more flexible and placing the tongue at the base of the cage, bend the flat end around the underside of the ring at the end of the cock cage. With a marker line up points above and below the ring at each side and between the front to back rods. Use a leather punch to form matching small holes and then tightly bind these together with something like shoelaces to keep it in place. It took me three attempts before I came up with the design that best suited me.

I have found that the leather will set in place after a few days and the lacing can be removed for more comfort and cleaning. This isn't perfect, but improves matters until someone produces an insert that will do the job more efficiently and make odema's an irrelevant concern for the long term chastity belt wearer.

Ive also found that for comfort wearing a lanyard around the waist attached to the top bar of the birdcage also stops the migration of the cockring away from the base of the cock - if not wearing a Prince Albert it also restricts the possibility of pull out. Perhaps someone could manufacture an adjustable lockable metal strap/chain to achieve this securely for those not into piercing.

If anybody else has any added/alternative practical tips, I for one would be keen to read them. If there is an entrepreneur out their with the necessary skills, I'm sure there is a commercial opportunity in modding the Birdcage, since manufacturers seem to show little interest in improving their basic design, except if you wish to wear one which completely smothers you in metal.

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