BuddyLock: New German Chastity Device

Submitted by: Norbert

Last November the sales lady at the local sex shop showed me a new male chastity device. It was made from plastics and some surgical steel parts. From the beginning I liked the looks of this thing. Perhaps the contrast of black shiny platics and silvery steel? There was a web site for further information http://www.buddylock.de. Text is only German but the pictures tell the whole story.

It took me a week to decide to go back and get me one. The price was 278 Euro (same amount in $$). It was nicely finished and really comfortable. To stay on securely it either depends on a piercing (frenum or PA, which I haven't got) or a loop behind the glans with a so called Dick Trainer (see web site for pictures). This loop would have cost another 14.90 Euro. I thought that was asking too much for just some sort of rubber ring, so I got an O-ring of the right size from a builder's merchant instead. That cost me just 1.50 Euro.

The first couple of days the Buddylock was a delight to wear and really secure. I tried to but couldn't orgasm in it. But then I noticed a crack that had opened on the undersite which produced a rather uncomfortable edge on the inside. Apparently the Buddylock is made from two half forms that are glued together. The outside is nicely polished so there is not seam but on the inside it is visible. This seam had started to come undone.

I took it back to the shop and got a new one, no problem. The second one didn't last as long as the first one. When trying to dry the inside with a rolled up tea towel it almost exploded and I had two parts cleanly split down the middle. I phoned the guy who makes them (number on the web site) and told him what happened. He was so sorry. Yes they had a problem with the glue. It never showed when they were testing the product. Only when they started to roll out. He of course sent me a new one. It seems they solved the problem because I've had no problems since then.

n030340a.jpg n030340b.jpg
In the description on website it says "Absolute Sicherheit gegen Selbstbefriedigung" (absolute security against masturbation). Well I didn't believe that. From my experience with tube devices of this sort I knew it must be possible to get to some kind of orgasm. There is some little movement possible between penis and tube. So I tried again. At first I was really surprised how secure the buddylock was but then I learned which movements produced the right sensations on the inside. Finally I succeded or rather failed. All the built up frustration frustrated. Is that paradox? Big let down. What good is a chastity device if it doesn't keep you chaste?

So my engineering mind started to search for a solution to improve security. What I came up with is shown on the pictures below. Something on the line of a KTB made from a stainless steel strip. The two points are well rounded and come from the outside through two of the big openings near the front of the tube. They rest on the upper side of the glans. While I'm soft they barely touch, when I get hard they dig in. Not 100% security but perhaps 99.9% and I'm quite happy with that.

n030340c.jpg n030340d.jpg

In the whole I like this device. It's just what I want. But your mileage may vary.

Chaste regards

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