Cb6000 Warning

Submitted by: A seriously unhappy customer

I figured that I'd be the first to post a warning as no where on the cb-2000 site, nor on any cb discussions that I had found mentioned that having parts of my penis shredded was a concern. Let me tell you that it IS a concern in regards to the cb6000. The 3 slits on the side which I imagine are so that air can get to your penis better are a horrible idea.

My skin poked out the sides & swelled until I had to force them back inside with a Q tip. This didn't help as pulling the qtip back out only brought the skin back with it most times. If I did manage to get the skin back inside the cage it would inevitably poke back out on it's own. This resulted in the following photo of my penis which is only temporarily 'injured'.

While I'm here I've also owned the cb2000. Fun device though I could pull out of it. I was cleaning it one day with regular dish washing liquid and a toothbrush when the part that blocked the head from poking out popped off. I wasn't even cleaning it hard but I did have the device a while before it did that. I would recommend the 2000 over the 6000 any day though.

I've worn the cb3000 but never owned it. I could pull out of that also, but it was fun, and seemed like it would be more sturdy than the 2000. I'm wishing I wasn't so interested in the 6000 & just went with the 3000 though.

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