Holy Trainer Chastity Device Review

Submitted by: Cape Cod Richie

Wow, ordered Thursday evening and HT arrived Monday. Perfect as it was shave day (bi-weekly). Washed everything. Had to put ring on upside down and then turn around as where tube fits was poking me. My first ergonomic ring. Went with the 50 mm ring to start. I'm high & tight so I'm a challenge. Seems no way to pull out as tube has a roof that extends towards one's body. Also tube (small size) is narrower and shorter so I hope I can't have sex with it. Been 3 or 4 weeks now for Lust to build. Very comfortable & light so far. Lock is quiet. Scrotum is tighter as tube sits down farther from top of ring.

One hour of wearing and started to have burning issues @ 4 o'clock & 8 o'clock locations. Applied baby oil with swab and while checking found a nasty little corner where left side of tube contacts scrotum. There's 3 lines like mold lines on bottom of tube. Took care of corner with an emery board. This resin material is easy to work with. The testing continues.

An hour and a half later I started experiencing some discomfort on left cracker (testicle). Went to the bathroom for the first time and lost one while going. Unlocked and put on smaller ring (45mm). Was good for the rest of night till morning when removed for work. I forgot what it felt like when 1 of the Fellas was sneaking out. Smaller ring so far is perfect.

Oh, when I went in for my (naked) after dinner nap I noticed the cute little Abus lock was scraping pretty bad on the sheets. I filed all the bottom edges and corners as they were sharp. It's better now. Tweak as we go.

After 2 days felt confident and gave keys to Mrs. Keyholder.

Had a hot shower last night with the HT on. Unlike my metal devices and CB 6000S even though everything loosened up and got floppy I still couldn't pull out due to the snug fit and the hood going over the top of my shaft towards me. Pics show this extra section that other tubes don't have. I also like how they undercut the bottom of the tube so there's no extreme frontal scrotum impact as I've had with other trapped ball devices as I'm compact (high & tight). Some real thinking went into this device ( it's Swiss, are we surprised?).

When I put on the main ring I turn it a bit so the oval shape is vertical. Makes it easier to get the 2 Guys through before the Shaft. I don't wear chastity devices to work so longest I will wear HT is Friday afternoon to Monday morning usually. Longer for holiday weekends and staycations. Hygiene is a bit of an issue as the tube fits snugly widthwise ( I got the small size tube) and shaft doesn't get much air as my Queen's Keep did.

I have always used 1 7/8 inch rings. 45mm is a tad bigger than 1 3/4" and 50mm is a bit smaller than 2". Thus I bought both sizes. As it turns out the 45mm works which is good since they don't have 47mm. Thank goodness for conversion widgets. If anyone needs a 50mm ring I have one (white).

The device is comfortable, lightweight, quiet, and so far very secure (I'll keep testing, hehe).

Took a few weeks off due to Spring Stuff. Am back in for the 2013 Memorial Day Weekend. In on Friday afternoon and not out till Tuesday morning for work. Need to do a month or more since that's when I get too Lusty and defeat these devices; not pulling out but having an orgasm which to me means they're dust collectors after that.

Got woken up at 6 am with morning stiffy. Ring was burning. My foreskin was sticking out of the 2 top ventilation holes. Did bathroom stop and used Q tip to oil and push skin back into holes. Unlike metal cage devices I think that the Trainer will have to come off for cleaning after a few days as solid tube is filled with me all the time in the top half. Since the ring is a larger gauge than the metal rings it is more comfortable but I also think that it might be causing more burning which requires more lubrication than the metal devices I'm used to.

Yesterday I pushed and shoved in a lusty mode but got nowhere except a little pre cum coming out of me. Good, so far.

Also I wish the slot at the end of the tube went down a little further. I end up with a bit of urine that pools at the bottom in the tube no matter how much I shake. I clean up with a Q tip and tissue.

Next night slept through the night with no problem.

Have had the HT on since Friday Afternoon. Sunday afternoon was betting burnt on bottom half of ring. I had oiled and moved skin around numerous times while doing yard work. Finally could take it no more and asked Mrs. Keyholder for key. Took advantage for thorough cleaning & a shave. Noticed where burning was was stretched skin on the scrotum. By the time I was done cleaning & shaving the stretched skin had returned to normal. Checked ring for any imperfections and found none. Reinstalled ring and pulled forward all available skin and finished getting secured again after oiling as I went. Perfectly normal and comfortable now. It should be noted that the HT is not faulty as I'm high & tight and it's been cool here in New England so The Guys want to retreat. I put the HT right back on to continue testing for security so I can complete this review. Will be in the HT till Tuesday morning when I return to work. It will go on every night after work till morning and continuous through the weekends. I'm looking at a month for this test as after about 1 1/2 weeks the Lust really builds and then the security and effectiveness of the HT will be put to the test. I hope it passes as so far I am happy with the fit, sizing for compact me, and ease of installation.

After doing the above on Sunday afternoon the burning returned in 1/2 hour. I oiled and re-arranged things. Took a long hot shower later and sure enough when things got warm down there the burning went away. Also I took a 2 or 3 week break previous to this Chastity Run so things are not stretched. I think when the weather gets warmer and I stay in the HT to stretch things all will be well. I hope so as I have High Hopes for this device.

On Sunday after I stained the deck and readjusting & oiling the HT as I was getting burnt again on the bottom half of ring I later on started to get a pain down there I knew. I was losing a cracker (testicle). I removed the HT very disappointed. I measured the 45mm ring. It seems to be 2 inches wide & 1 7/8" high. I use a 1 7/8" round ring. May have to get 40mm ring. Good Grief.

It's May 27 and I just ordered the 40 mm ring for the HT ( a white one). This is the last chance to make this device work as there's no more rings to order or options. Out $74.32. For those wondering it was $20 shipping to US as opposed to $25 when buying the whole unit. I bought the whole unit before with an extra ring and shipping was also $25.

For now it's back into some stainless steel to keep this Chastity Run going. Don't cheat, don't cheat. I hope the smaller ring fits and works. Darn it.....

It's Thursday and the 40mm ring has arrived. It's very hot here today so things down there are loose. I put it on OK. For those concerned with measurements of the smallest ring it is 1 3/8 inches high by 2 1/8" wide. I have possession of the key as things could get interesting overnight. I oiled a lot before installing and my scrotum has that "football" look to it but is comfortable. Only time will tell if the HT will work for me.

After about an hour in the 40mm ring I have noticed since I pulled everything I could through it that in a restful state my shaft sits more into the tube than before. This is different.

The HT stayed on all night with no problems with the 40mm (smallest) ring. When I removed in the AM for work something swelled. Perfect. Now for the Friday afternoon to Monday morning test. I am hopeful for success.

Sunday morning and all is good. A little burning from morning swelling but bathroom stop after getting up and all is well. It's been almost 2 weeks in this Chastity Run so the hormones are there but I can do nothing about it. I can't pull out and can't have sex with the tube. Oh, this is the way the device is supposed to work. As soon as I have time I will finish off this review and post at all the usual locations. I hope I can say that this device is The One especially after a few months have gone by.

Removed HT after a normal weekend and no damage anywhere to me from wearing it.

That's it. I hope that the measurements I got from all the different rings are helpful to those considering the Holy Trainer.

40mm ring is 1 3/8" high & 2 1/8" wide.
45mm ring is 1 7/8" high & 2 " wide. (Available for sale)
50 mm ring is 2 inches high by 2 1/4 inches wide. (Available for sale)


  • Design of Penis Tube is great. Top extends towards body for security and bottom of tube is cut away making scrotal impact for "high & tight" guys minimal.
  • Design of ring (ergonomic) seems to be right on.
  • Device is quiet. No lock sound banging around. Bio resin is different.
  • Device fits compact builds quite well and hard to defeat ( I can't). I have no experience with the larger size tube.
  • HT points down so is not noticeable under clothes.


  • Actual sizes of rings (oval) are not on website so picking the right one is challenging ( I hope I helped).
  • Some reports from others of clear tube tearing but I have not experienced this.
  • I wish the slot for peeing went a little lower (might be my build?).

That's it.

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