Review of the Exobelt

Submitted by: Al

I purchased an Exobelt directly from , previous experience has been with the CB2000, CB3000 and the Metal Chastity Cuff. The Exobelt is by far, the better of these devices. I ordered the solid rings and the air holes. The Exobelt arrived within two weeks of ordering. Three rings are included, I use the middle ring as the large one allows me to slip the device off and the small ring is too small to fit through. After some more use I may even order a custom ring between the middle size and the small ring (1 5/8 inch) as that size seems like it might work best for me. The middle size ring seems to allow the device sit lower than I would like.

The Exobelt is very comfortable to wear, I do put lotion on the penis and balls prior to putting on the Exobelt. I have not worn the device longer than a day yet but will probably put lotion on after each shower. The device does take some time to put it on as it is very hard initially to not pinch any skin between the two halves of the Exoskelton. The first time probably took 15-20 minutes, each time less effort to now takes under 5 minutes to put on. Included with the Exobelt were some supplementary instructions that I didnt use but may help in installing the device. I also found that if I rotate the rear ring so the lock is at the bottom at night it is more comfortable.

Pluses: Better quality than the CB devices as I have had problems with both the CB2000 solid rings and the CB3000 split rings breaking, usually with the morning erection. I found the CB devices very uncomfortable with the morning erection, not so with the Exobelt. Jenny has been easy to work with, I barely mention a potential crack in the device when she offered to send me a replacement. The Exobelt can be very frustrating as it encloses the penis and balls totally so you cannot touch any part. Good for a verbal tease session. I was concerned about urine dripping since you cannot squeeze the penis to get the last drops but the design of the urine tube works great as long as you point the penis straight down when urinating, not at an angle. I have not jogged or played sports yet in the Exobelt but every day activity the device has no major impact.

Minuses: The device is bulky as any full capture device will be. Jenny suggested sport type underwear or shaper garments to hide the resulting bulge. I find that loose jeans work okay. It is a little pricey but then speciality items are.

Overall I am very happy with the Exobelt and wished I had ordered it before I ordered the CB2000 or CB3000.

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