Review of the Birdlocked Male Chastity Device

Submitted by: MLC1

I've been into male chastity for about a year now, in which time I've struggled with finding a comfortable, easily hidden, yet secure chastity device. My wife participates in keeping me chaste - perhaps not as enthusiastically as I'd like, but she does seem to enjoy the control more as time goes on. She has figured out that it *DOES* improve my attentiveness to her. Chastity is something my wife and I do to keep me from wasting all my time looking at porn on the computer, and it works. But it isn't as if a Mistress needs my cock locked up in steel for a month between visits.

Typically, I might get to cum every 10 to 14 days, though I once went for two months. I enjoyed that time very much, but it's very difficult for me to keep from cumming for that long. I get so horny that I can cum from just watching a porn video! I want to explain all of that because it's important in understanding what I wanted out of a chastity device. It simply isn't possible to completely deny me an orgasm; my body will have one if it wants one, regardless of a chastity device. A chastity device is about keeping me honest, and preventing casual access to my penis.

I've collected six different male chastity devices to date. Spiked KTB varieties aren't sized right, and invariably come off. The CB-6000 is very good over-all, but permits more of an erection than I want it to. I wanted something flexible, and small enough to prevent a significant erection.

Enter the Birdlocked male chastity device. The Birdlocked is a flexible silicone male chastity device, similar to many others in form, but with a few key differences that I'll explain below.

I made a special order for a "mini" sized unit, which is slightly smaller than the regular. I wanted the mini in order to be sure that my erections were greatly limited. Though it was a special order from over-seas, I was surprised at how quickly I received the unit. It only took about a week.

Excitedly, I opened the package and put on my Birdlocked male chastity device. Putting it on the first time was very tricky. The fixed ring does not open and being silicone, the skin does not slide easily against it. But, I managed to get both testicles and then the penis through the ring. Following the instructions, I applied a bit of water-based lubricant to the inside of the tube and to my penis, pulled the tube onto my penis, then secured everything in place.

Immediately, of course, I got erect... or as erect as I could, anyway. It fit perfect! My wife, who was watching while I put it on, then walked over, fondling my package in her hands. My poor penis tried and tried, but just couldn't get much of an erection. She squeezed my penis, which I was able to feel through the pliable silicone. She then tried to "jack" my penis in the device. It didn't work! Something about the size and fitting of the unit just wouldn't permit it. "How does it feel," she asked. "Really comfortable," I told her. She patted my balls and smiled as she closed her hand around the key. "Good! You always wanted to beat your two-month record." She then laughed and left the room, dangling the key in her hands for me to see as she walked away.

I wore my device for the rest of the day with no difficulty. I found that urination was simple. The Birdlocked is flexibile and short enough that I could get my urethra lined up well enough with the hole in the unit in order to urinate normally about 75% of the time. This is a great advantage, since there is no great clean-up involved. This is a real perk of the unit. But, if you want to take advantage of this, don't get a Birdlocked that is too big! If it's too long, you'll lose this perk. Get the Mini unit if it will fit you.

Wearing a chastity device to bed at night for the first time is always an exciting adventure. You never know what it's going to feel like when you wake up with your nocturnal erection, your poor penis all locked up and struggling inside its chastity device, yet you're completely unable to do anything but lay there quietly and suffer, wishing you could have some relief... but, of course, you cannot.

My wife, of course, had to put the device to the test in the time-honored way: me between her legs eating her pussy, with my cock locked in chastity. No orgasm for me! I get so horny that sometimes I can literally cum just from eating her pussy, but I'd been relieved recently enough that tonight, at least, it wasn't an issue, so I went to bed quite sexually aroused, her pussy juices still on my face as I went to sleep, her wonderful feminine smell lulling me to sleep as my cock fought pointlessly against the device, wanting the relief it would never have.

My nocturnal erection that night was a bit painful. I woke up with a burning sensation at my scrotum. My cock was as hard as it could get in the device. When I smelled my wife's dried pussy juices on my face, this of course only made things even worse. The reason for the burning sensation is that the ring that goes around the base of the cock and balls, while flexible, is deeper and tighter than I am used to. So while my scrotum was trying so hard to contract, it was not able to contract as much as usual. I am fairly sure the body would adapt to this in a few days, and consider it a minor issue. I've also found that keeping the scrotum lubricated with lotion helps reduce this issue, since this helps maintain the skin's elasticity.

Security is limited on the Birdlocked. Being pliable silicone, the chastity slave could simply cut the unit off anytime that he wanted to. But, on the plus side, I found that unlike some other tube-devices, it is not possible to jack off inside the device. Additionally, the silicone, while it permits squeezing the penis, doesn't transmit enough for a slave to get off. Overall, I believe it does a good job of controlling stimulation to the penis. The size of the Mini is perfect in that it does not allow a full erection. This is a big plus over some other larger units.

Security is easily enhanced if your slave is pierced. Since the device is silicone, you could easily make a hole at the right spot, literally locking his cock to the device. This would completely prevent any possibility of pull-out or jacking off in it. If the penis is locked firm against the device so it can't move, jacking off is impossible, and the helpless slave is literally unable to do anything to relieve himself as his cum just builds and builds with no possible way to escape.

Comfort of the device is incredible. Being pliable, and also being the smaller Mini size, it conceals extremely easily under clothes. It is able to flex as you do, accommodating your movements. This also makes it safer in some other regards. Having your balls trapped against a hard rigid surface is always a safety concern. The Birdlocked makes it less likely that a hard blow to the testicles would cause major damage.

Overall, I give this device a rating of GOOD. It gets high marks for comfort and concealability. It helps deter idle wandering hands. But, it lacks the sort of security to truly ensure chastity and its use depends greatly on a willing participant. If you can live with that, this device makes an excellent choice for long-term wear.

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