A Novices Review of CB3000

Submitted by: Anonymous

First of all I wrote this review shortly, after writing, The Receptionist in the fiction section. At that point I had tried it on for shorter periods up to a day, but I spent about four days and nights in it up until early this morning.

My venture into chastity devices was the cheaper, chrome, steel devices - that look great in the pictures, but when you try one, you can find they are, bulky, heavy, uncomfortable and insecure. I had one such device and found I could pull out, remove and even orgasm whilst wearing - which tends to defeat the object...

The CB3000 is significantly better. There are no issues with measuring up, as a useable set of alternative components is supplied.

On first trial, I found it to be very comfortable and quite secure. I had to do a little fettling with ring sizes and spacers to get it right but so far so good... However first time I had a shower, and got flacid - I managed to pull out. I would say, it is difficult to get back in, and having the cage dangling around your ball sack is a mjor inconvenience, so allowing yourself to stay in the cage might well be something you have to do.

To correct this I tried installing different spacers, and the points of intrigue. The smallest set were fairly innefective, and I could still pull out while wearing them, however they did not cause great discomfort. The most severe ones are VERY severe, make pull-out impossible and make even a minor erection incredibly painful - almost unbearable. I would say it's probably not realistic to wear them for longer than an extended tease session, as they are so severe.

Eventually I settled on the middle set with a medium spacing. This was comfortable, but cause some discomfort during erections - which is no bad thing. They did seem to make pull out very difficult. I tried on several occasions to pull-out, but I couldn't, even when totally flacid.

Now in this configuration I wore the device for a matter of a few days. I'd already succeeded in abstaining for a few days before hand - so after two days and nights in it - I was starting to feel frustrated. During the daytime on the fourth day, I ,was actually able to orgasm in the device. This was very difficult, and time-consuming, it took a great effort and was very painful, I would venture to say would be possible by everyone, and even then you probably have to be quite horny to have a chance. Because of the pain and how compressed everything is - I don't think it was a proper, full orgasm, as within 30 minutes the frustration was returning. At the end of the fourth day, my wife teasing me in bed by playing with it and stroking me intimately - my erection was putting massive pressure on the device - and something broke.

Upon removing the device I discovered one of the holding pins that is fixed into the cage had snapped. Now I guess it could be replaced with steel - which might be more secure. At the moment I doubt I will every attempt to wear the device thorugh customs, but I have managed to repair it by makng a plastic pin, and drilling the old pin's core out - then pinning and glueing the pieces together. I don't know how well this repair has worked yet - time will tell. I think the more severe points would stop this happening, but at the end of the day this is only a plastic device, and as strong as it is - several powerful erections can break the pins.

The other issue with this device, is although it's not too bulky, it is still noticeable under some clothes, and can be uncomfortable in some situations. Sleeping on your front is no longer possible, your drivers seat might have to slide back an inch or two - and you might have to adjust your gait.

A great device, comfortable, secure - just a pity it wasn't a little stronger, and a shame I was able to orgasm while wearing it once.

Where to go from here I'm not sure, Lori's with a piercing? Neo Steel? I'm circumcised and I don't know much about piercings, and I don't want to pay thousands... I guess it's back to the drawing board - or fit the more severe points (Ouch!)


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