The Receptionist

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I am writing this piece, from inspiration about a genuine event that happened a few days ago. I purchased a CB3000 for myself, some time ago. Have tried it on several times, and worn it for short periods. In preperation to see if my wife will take charge of the keys - I've modifed the fitting to get it comfy, but secure then tried to wear it at work for a day. I took the keys to work 'in case of emergency' however that night, as I left for home, I got a telephone call and must have dropped the keys to pick it up.

Forgetting I left for home - some distance away, and only later that night - did I realise I had no keys and they had to have either been dropped or lost or still at work. Upon admitting this to my wife and asking what she thought I should do - go and search for them, or wear it over-night and try to find the keys tomorrow...

She asked how uncomfortable it was, when I responded, "It's fine as long as I don't have an erection." She went on to say, "Well you'd better grin and bear it for tonight then...

That was a few days ago - the following lunchtime I returned home with the keys and gave them to my wife for safe keeping, still wearing the CB3000. That was the last time I saw the keys, and my wife is showing no interest in giving me release - she seems to like the effect on my behaviour...

What follows is a fictional story based on this incident:-

~ The Receptionist. By Anonymous ~

I have been successful, I started my own IT business while I was still at high-school, ten years later I was in charge of a multi-million pound organisation. Business had made me happy - I've done well out of it, big house, expensive car - but I never had the time to hook up with a partner. Over the years I grew increasingly reliant on internet porn, kink and one night stands...

Eventually two things happened, firstly I learned about chastity devices and I realised that my business was suffering, because having broken the taboo of 'porn surfing' at work - I now spent too much time alone in my office, surfing the net, and relieving myself in the offices en-suite toilet. This lead me to decide to take action, I had a business trip planned to Germany, and I had no shortage of money at the time, so I made a detour to Neo Steel to get measured up for an ultra -secure chastity belt. I went with the most expensive options, the Master piece all stainless steel with the most secure fittings available. The measuring session was quite embaressing, but so exciting at the same time... I paid the fee and left - waiting for the belt to be delivered.

I more or less forgot about it - absorbed in my routine of working and relieving myself several times a day... Then the box arrived. I immediately knew what it was the moment I was asked to sign for it. Hurriedly I retreated to the master bedroom, stripped and fitted the belt to myself. I'd gone for a hip belt to be more discreet, getting it on proved very difficult due to the excitement, and was only possible with the help of a bag of frozen peas. Eventually though I was standing in front of a full-length mirror admiring my new metal underwear. It was a superb fit, no matter how I positioned myself I could not get a finger behind the belt - touching myself was impossible... I had to sit to pee in it, and needed a good handful of tolet paper to wipe the drips up afterwards but it felt good... So good...

It felt so good I decided to try to sleep in it. It was a restless night, being woken by uncomfortable nocturnal erections from time to time.. Eventually morning came and I wondered whether to dare to wear it at work... Would people notice? What if it became uncomfortable? I deliberated and deliberated, eventually deciding to wear it - but take my keys and if there was a problem use my private en-suite to remove it.

The day went without incident, and I found it to be the most productive day at work I'd had in months. The various times I'd thought of erotic things, the belt reminding me - it was not a good idea. By the end of the day I was so aroused and excited - I couldn't wait to get home, get it off and orgasm... As I was leaving the office though I took a last minute call, I had to place the keys down to get a file out and must have forgotten to pick them back up.

I didn't realise until I got home. then a cold panic over-took me, I checked my pockets, my car, I checked the box for a spare set... Nothing, I was trapped, helplessly trapped in chastity. I thought about trying to go back to work, but it was two hours drive away and we weren't supposed to open at that time... Eventually I decided I would have to try and bear it for one more night, and look for the keys first thing in the morning. The second night was more restless, knowing the keys were on the dresser, and I could get up at any time to take it off and relieve myself was totally different. Now I knew, there was no way I could get out of the belt until tomorrow, assuming I could find the keys... At this point I was desperately wishing I'd seperated the keys and left a spare set at home - but I managed to get through the night.

The next day I left for work, still locked securely in the belt, my penis straining all the time - now desperate for it's daily fix. When I got to work, I was half walking, half running to my office. When I got there I looked at the table top where I thought I'd put them - nothing. I crawled on the floor, scanning the carpet - nothing. I checked the drawers, the cupboards, I cast my eyes around the main office, desperate for a clue as to where they had gone... Cleaners it had to be the cleaners!

I darted back into my office and tried to phone the cleaners company - no answer. A feeling of cold dread was now over-taking me.

All this while, my young receptionist - who infact dealt with most of my every-day work, was watching me a little bemused. Eventually she walked in with a cup of coffee in her hand, and gave it to me, "Are you okay? You look a bit flustered... Have you lost something?"

I took the coffee gingerly, and thought... Maybe she'd seen them, "I erm, lost a small bunch of keys. I thought they were on the desk, but erm... You havent seen them have you?" she smiled sweetly and looked over her glasses, "Sorry... I'll let you know if I do..."

The morning was agony, I was terrified at this point, I even phoned Neo Steel to see if they could send a replacement set - to which they replied no. I managed to get hold of the cleaners, but nobody has seen any keys... It was a total mystery, I considered trying to cut the belt off, but anything that could have removed it - would have been painful and dangerous to use so close to the skin. Even if it could cut it, it would probably heat the metal up so much in the process it would burn my entire genital area horribly.

I was helpless, completely baffled as to where they had gone, I searched every day, at home, at work, in the car. Every visit to the toilet, sitting like a girl, every night desperate for release - straining inside the steel belt... Crying myself to sleep, at my desperate situation.

By the end of a fortnight, having endured a weekend belted with no hope of release, and having huge bags under my eyes and looking quite frustrated... I was at the end of my tether. Two weeks of being belted with no hope of release, and no sign of the keys or way of getting this infernal belt off... I was packing up, getting ready to leave when Jenny, the recptionist came in again, "Michael, are you sure you're alright? You've seemed on edge all week!" I sighed deeply, "It's those keys, they were really important and I.. I.." She smiled softly, "Come on, they can't be that important, it's only a little bunch of keys... Why don't we go for a drink together after work? Take your mind of it?"

This was very forward, she was young, so young and attractive in simple, classical way. I'd have asked her out in the past, except for the inappropriateness of dating an employee and being too busy in my own world to notice. I agreed and we left together, the mere presence of an atractive young woman making my cock strain even harder against it's metal prison.

We went to a local pub, drank, chatted... One thing led to another and it was midnight nearly, and I was drunk... She only drank fruit juice though... Before you knew it she was asking me to show her my house. I was still conscious of the belt, but I was enjoying her company so... I agreed and took her back to my house - she drove, I left my car at the pub.

It was two in the morning by the time we arrived, she didn't waste anytime. We were barely over the threshold before she was embracing me, kissing me, pressing her warm, curvaceous body against mine. She asked me to take her upstairs, I told her I couldn't, but she insisted and I was so drunk she could drag me easily up to my bedroom. There she dragged me onto the bed and stripped my clothes off - to my feeble protests.

Eventually she was kneeling on the bed, smirking at my metal underwear, she rapped her knuckles on it, making the vibrations strain my penis even further, "My, my, what have we here? Metal underwear? I've not seen this before..."

I sighed, and drunkenly told her my story, to which she smirked and chuckled. Eventually I finished with where we were and how hopeless my story was. She responded with, "I know... I've got your keys."

To which I few into a rage and scrambled drunkenly about grabbing her and screaming at her to release me. Eventually, after no response I calmed, then started crying, pleading with her to let me go. She tutted softly and pused me to sit back down on the bed, "Well, I was thinking about giving you a release soon... But after that little outburst, I think you need to be taught a lesson. I'm sentencing you to another week belted. I don't want you to mention this again this week - or I'll add another week on for every time you do. And they're not your keys anymore - they're mine, finders keepers - if you argue with this I'll add a month onto your sentence."

I was completely dumbfounded, I wanted to scream the injustice of it and demand she return my keys... But she seemed deadly serious. I had endured two weeks of this, I could endure one more. I apologised and allowed her to leave. I was getting more desperate by the minute, by the time work came on Monday I was crying out for relief. I tried not to mention it to her, everyday grew harder and harder, trying to act normally when I knew she was controlling my sexuality. Eventually It was Friday again, I couldn't wait until wrok finished so I called her into my office, "Look, are you giving me my keys back today or not? When can I have them?"

She smiled softly at me, "Your keys? I thought we were clear about this - they are NOT your keys, they are my keys now. I'm adding a week onto your sentence for forgetting that." My heart sank, I wanted to turn angry, force them off her - but I didn't even know if or where she had them, "Please... How do you know about them anyway? Why did you take them?" She shrugged, "Well, I've been keeping a check on your internet history - I saw you fidgetting a lot that day - and I guessed what those keys might be... Of course I wasn't sure until you showed me last week. Oh and by the way - you need to sign this, it's letter from you to payroll, giving my a thousand pounds a month raise, any arguements, and I'll add a YEAR on to your sentence." read the letter sheepishly, she'd worded it how I would say it... I felt like I had no choice but to agree to it, so I signed it and returned it to her. She smiled and folded it and put into an envelope, "Thankyou Michael, now if you want your release next week, you won't mention it until AFTER work next Friday, and you'll have 1000 in cash at your house - understood?"

I couldn't believe it, she was blackmailing me with my sexuality. She knew what I'd been looking at - she must have known how sexually charged and frustrated I was becoming. I agreed, desperate to get the belt off.

She left it at that, and I had to endure another weekend alone, without relief, and anothe frustrating week at work, Jenny bringing me cups of coffee, putting calls through to me abd controlling my orgasms. This time I held out though. As everyone left on the Friday, she waited for me, and spoke to me as I left the office, "Ahhh, your ready?" I sighed with relief, "Yes, thank god, I can't wait to get home!" she smirked, "Oh come on, it's Friday night, I think we should go for a meal on the way - whats the rush?" I was about to protest, then I saw the twinkle in her eye... I deflated, "You're right... Where would you like to go?" She grinned, "That expensive French Restraunt in the Town Centre I think - you're paying."

We went for the meal, my cock straining to get free all the time, she even rubbed her stockinged foot up and down my leg under the table to make it worse. The meal cost over a hundred pounds, during the meal she made some suggestive comments too... She hinted that there might be sex on the menu tonight. Frustrated but excited we eventually left for my house. Once there I turned to her, and handed her an envelope with 1000 in it , "Right, here's your money, where are my keys?" She took the money, but looked hurtfully at me, "You're not trying that again are you? I thought we'd discussed this! Whose keys?" I deflated again, "Your keys..." She smiled now, "That's right - my keys, the money doesn't buy my keys, I'm enjoying them and wouldn't give them up for ten times this amount. No I'm going to relieve you for this - upstairs, now, no arguements."

I led her upstairs back to the main bedroom, she got me to strip, then kneel on the bed. Then from her large handbag, she pulled two sets of handcuffs, and cuffed both hands to the bedframe. She stroked the back of my neck then and smiled warmly at me, crouching so she could look into my face, "There, that's better isn't it? I'm going to go and get my keys now, and some other things - I'll be back soon - try to relax... Not long now honey."

With that I was left alone, in a compromising position in my own house. Eventually she returned, she unlocked the belt and my penis burst into life as it was taken away... Except my hands were cuffed and I couldn't reach it to do anything about it. I couldn't tell what she was doing behind me, but I could hear her dropping clothes onto the floor. Eventually she walked around to my head so I could see her, she was stripped naked except for a large black strap-on dildo and she was wearing latex gloves and holding a tube of lubricant in one hand and a cup in the other. "I could have just given you a hand-job, but I thought this would be more fun - I don't want to make a mess on your bed though, or get my hands all sticky."

with that she retreated, I wanted to scream protests, and ask her to stop - but I was afraid it would end my only chance of relief in nearly a month. I bit my lip and let her continue. I could feel her lubing up my anus, then probing it gently with a finger, "Hmmm, you're a little tight back here honey - don't worry though, we'll soon sort that out - try to relax... Deep breath now!"

As she said it, I felt her slide the strap-on into be anus,and her hips kiss my buttocks gently. It felt like I was being ripped apart, "Try to relax honey, I don't want to rip you open and have to take you to A & E." I tried to relax, as I felt her start pumping away, after a while her latex gloved hand crept around to the front, and started working the other side, in a few seconds I exploded violently, squirting cum in long painful bursts. She caught every drop in the little plastic cup.

Feeling drained and panting, I felt her withdraw, and approach my front end again, "There, that was good wasn't it? It's tme to drink your medicine now though - " I looked at her puzzled, then saw her swirling my large measure of cum in it's litle cup. i started shaking m y head violently, "She raised an eyebrow, "I'm getting you belted up in a moment, if you take your medicine like a good little boy I might offer you another release this year..." I felt sick, I thought about thrashing around, trying to kick her... But nobody would be there to help me. I was cuffed tightly to a metal beframe with what looked like high security police handcuffs, with no access to a phone. I nodded and opened wide. Smiling sweetly she approached and poured the warm salty, liquid down my throat - making me gag and nearly throw up. Eventually it was done, she got some frozen peas from the kitchen and applied them to my groin - soon I was belted again.

"Right then, I'm, going to take my keys away and put them somewhere safe, then I'll be back. It's late now so I'll be spending the night. I'm having the bed - you can sleep on the floor."

She then vanished for half an hour, leaving me crying, and frustrated, belted up tightly with the warm salt taste of my own cum still in my mouth. When she returned eventually she unlocked me and ordered me to lie on the floor - where she cuffed my hands to the bottom of the bedframe.

I awoke to the sound of the shower running in my ensuite... I looked up just in time to see her exiting the shower, wrapped tightly in a towel. "Ahhh, sleeping beauty, you're finally up - I was about to wake you." she knelt down and unlocked my cuffs. As I rose, stiff from night on the floor I saw a black satin maids outfit spread out on the bed complete with wig, frilly french knickers and a frilly, lacy bra. She handed me a pair of silky stockings, "Come on then - get dressed, you've got a lot to do today." I looked at her to protest, it had gone far enough... I'd had my release so was now feeling more rebellious and like challenging her, I opened my mouth and raised a hand... Than collapsed to my knees in agony, as an electric-shock zapped my penis with such intensity it turned my legs to jelly. Writhing on the floor in agony I clawed at the steel chastity belt desperate to get it to stop... Eventually it subsided and I breathed a sigh, and lay there panting, looking puzzled.

She looked down at me beaming with delight, "I thought you might get a bit rebellious - so I took the liberty of fitting your belt a Dream Lover Labs DL 2000 - so I can page you, shock you, whatever I like, whenever I like. I've even bought you a DL-Link and a palm-top so I can control you from afar - now I'll ask you again, get dressed - and be quick about it."

I couldn't bear the shock again, so I scrambled to my feet and desperately put the maids outfit on. Once fully dressed she looked me up and down, "Good, now your properly dressed I'm going to give you your make up and show you how to put it on. You'd better pay attention, because I'm only going to show you once." With that she sat me at the dressing table, and showed me how to apply the make-up...

I then helped her to dress, made her breakfast, and generally waited on her hand and foot for the entire weekend, even venturing outside to clean her car, all dressed like a pretty maid, with high-heels to match.

That was five years ago... For a while things continued progressing, every weekend was spent dressed as a maid, waiting hand and foot on Mistress Jenny... If I was good and didn't disobey or question her - she would ask for a thousand pounds and give me release as she had done the first time with her strapon. If I had not been good, Friday night would be a simple case of her raping me with a strap-on, with the Chastity belt still securely in place. Soon she was staying evenings in the weekday too, making me service her orally on a nightly basis - me spending all my time dressed as a maid outside of work...

It progressed, eventually Mistress Jenny told me I was marrying her - she even organised it so that at the discreet service, run by a fetish freindly vicar, she wore a suit and an I went down the aisle in a wedding dress, with a butt plug firmly up my ass. All my assets were signed over to her, she replaced me as the company director - and made me secretary. Even forcing me to work in a blouse and ladies suit, announcing to the staff that I had decided to live as a lady.

Shortly afterwards she took all my male clothes out and burned them on a bonfire... Saying I didn't need them anymore. The time between releases is very long now, she milks my prostate with her strap-on regularly, but I never get more than one orgasm per five year period... She soon started having men around the house, and insisted on my being handcuffed on the floor, while she enjoyed hours of powerful, loud, energetic sex...

It's been four years and eight months since Mistress Jenny removed my belt... Be careful what you wish for... and look after your keys!


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