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I have been interested in chastity for quite some time now and like many others the ultimate goal is to get an unobtrusive fully secure belt that is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. My first device was a steel cock cage that pulled on the testicles when I was erect and which I could defeat by shaking the tube. My second device was the Exobelt V1 which I found very awkward to get on and off (there always seemed to be skin that got trapped when trying to bring the two halves together) and which I could also shake enough to bring me to orgasm.

To solve the issues of shaking and testicle pulling I decided that my next device simply must include a waist belt and that some concealment had to sacrificed for greater comfort/security. After doing some research, the CS series from Fetish Felix seemed to offer everything I was after: a steel device with a rigid waistband at a very competitive price compared to that of a full florentine-style belt. After looking over the options I was split between the CS-100 or the CS-Lite models - I couldn't see much difference between the two in the product photos so I went for the lower-priced CS-Lite.

The belt arrived after almost four weeks in total. When it arrived and I opened the box and examined the device closer, my initial impressions honestly weren't that good. Firstly, the (quite thick and springy) steel waistbelt consists of two pieces bolted together that can be adjusted according to the waist size of the wearer. On seeing that it was held together by simple nuts and bolts I was concerned about unauthorised removal and it was only when I adjusted the waistband to fit me that I found that you need access to both sides of the waistband to remove the bolts, and trying to remove them using just fingers and a spanner is futile and only makes them spin frustratingly in their holes.

Secondly, the locking system looked a little bit dubious. The CS-100 had a large screw-in locking pin, while the CS-Lite has a large circular locking disk that screws onto a bolt and which is locked into place by a brass locking pin (you can see it clearly in the front view product photos). I wondered how that pin would stop the whole locking disk from being unscrewed, and the answer is it works really well! If you get frustrated you can screw it slightly forward and backward but it is not coming off without the key.

Putting it on is a breeze compared to some other devices. There are no tight cock rings or hinges. The first piece to go on is the plate and loop that goes under the scrotum. A bit of lotion is useful to prevent irritation. Next comes the penis tube the plate of which slots in behind the scrotum piece. The waistband is put above the hips, one end over the other. The penis tube/scrotum ring combined assembly then fits over the bolt at the front. All pieces are aligned, the locking nut is screwed over the whole setup, the brass locking pin is pushed into the groove and with an eighth rotation of the key the belt is locked on! When unlocking the key is turned in the opposite direction and the locking pin comes out attached to the key - very handy to ensure that the belt is properly locked on! Everything is tightly held together by the locking disk and locking pin - there is no dangling metal to clink and clank and jangle around.

Escape is futile. When the waistband is the correct tightness there is no room to pull out anywhere. There is not enough clearance to reach under the waistband into the tube and touch or stimulate the penis. Keeping the waistband tight also helps eliminate stimulation from shaking the tube.

The major drawback to this particular design is the flow of urine. The urine that exits the hole at the end of the penis tube often runs down the side of the tube and onto the scrotum which complicates cleanup. This can easily be fixed with an external catheter so is a minor complaint overall. There are no rear pieces so defecation is no problem.

The biggest advantage to this design is the roughly 25 cm / 10 inch resizing possible in the waistband. Full florentine belts can be unwearable if some measurements are slightly out, but the CS series are easily adjusted with allen keys and spanners to cope with weight gain/loss and the wearers preferred wearing height based on individual anatomy and comfort.

In summary, the CS Lite is a middle of the market chastity device that is suitable for both long and short term chastity. It is 100% quiet, secure, as comfortable as any other chastity device with a waistbelt and allows a lot of adjustment for much better user comfort. This belt was my best chastity investment so far and despite the higher cost would choose it in a heartbeat over any plastic or "trapped ball" device.

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