Steelwerksextreme Cage Review

Submitted by: Locked in Titanium

Serious lovers of chastity should take a look at Steelwerksextreme. This company based in Canada has a great standard stainless chastity cage but custom items out of stainless steel, titanium and occasionally precious stones are their specialty.

My association with Steelwerksextreme started years ago with a Prince Albert wand and has progressed to a full titanium chastity cage and cap. The real genius behind Steelwerksextreme is Chris Myers who masterfully crafts inescapable metal chastity devices that are also works of art. Steelwerks not only produces chastity devices but a host of other fun items for both boys and girls and they are featured at the Steelwerksextreme website.

I have tried and wasted a lot of time and money on other chastity devices; hip-belts, the usual plastic cages and numerous other metal devices. Now that I am securely and comfortably locked in a custom Steelwerksextreme cage I can only wish I had tried Steelwerksextreme first.

If you are seriously considering a chastity device at least check out the Steelwerksextreme website and see what the cutting edge of the fusion of art, metal and chastity looks like these days.

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