Penicap Review

Submitted by: schnuerling

I would like to inform the community about my experience with a not very well known small chastity cage, the Penicap. A solution for men with a Prince Albert Piercing and Cirumcision.

I have the claim that a chastity device must be secure against masturbation, sex and taking off without a key. It must be comfortable, hygienic and not bulky, and, for serious long term chastity life, 24/7 qualified. I make a lot of sport, like bycicling (several hours in the saddle), diving and running.

I had my first trials with a Access Denied and Goethals full belt, which are nice to look at in medieval days, but never made for everyday life of todays. Too bulky, too uncomfortable. Then a cage, the CB6000, nope again. Too bulky, didn't like the cuffs, chafing, not suitable for my sports.

Then i came by recommendation into the Penicap, a own solution of, a Swiss manufacturer, who carry also a range of chastity piercing padlocks.

It is about a three weeks delivery time, because they let them print in your desired configuration and size. It is a very stiff, perforated plastic case, with a pin which replaces the PA ring and keeps it on the glans. The pin is locked underneath with a tiny security lock in a tray. Quick to put on and to remove. Finding the PA hole while inserting the pin from the front was in the beginning a little bit tricky, but now without problems, also for my wife and KH, who is the only one, who takes it off and on (usually i get handcuffed on my back fort changes and inspection).

It works without ball clamps. It is small. And very lightweight, above 30 gr. So you have the freedom, to move and put your dick wherever he likes to be settled in you pants.

Hygiene and cleaning is very good, no smelling. Comfort and fit are perfect. I don't notice it anymore after a few days of wearing. It has become meanwhile like my second foreskin J. Only when erected, I notice there is something there. But not painful, because the Penicap allows erections. Nocturnal erections sometimes woke me in the beginning, but after 2 weeks sleep is not disturbed anymore. The case is slightly larger than your shrunken glans, and smaller than your erect glans. The swollen glans gets clamped in the specially formed case, and makes it immovable. I had so far no success with masturbation attempts. Very frustrating.... But you learn quickly. So there is nothing than waiting for your KH's release.

I wear this thing now for continous 4 months 24/7 with few exceptions, after a testing period of 3 weeks which proved it to be good. Before serious chastity was not possible for me with my high demands. But now it is, in we are going both into it. My KH takes it only off every 2-3 weeks for a thorough inside cleaning, or if she wants to tease me, or for sex. I am in no way restricted in everyday life and sports. Also in travels airport controls are no problem. My KH has never to worry about my health and fidelity if she or me is absent for weeks.

In my opinion, the Penicap is the least intrusive chastity system on the market for serious chastity. But remember, only for males with PA piercing and circumcised foreskin.

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