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Submitted by: Cape Cod Richie

After some great e-mails with MM (Mature Metal) I ordered a Pet Trap. Mrs. Keyholder and I decided the Pet Trap was a good mixture of being open but not too much and having some metal but not being a solid tube. I ordered following the measurement guide @ Chastity Heaven (the mirror site) exactly after reading of others' experiences.

I ordered the cage @ 1-1/2"wide and 2-1/4 " in length and the ring with the 1/4" space (am using 1/4" spacer with CB3000). I have extensive ring experience so ordered a 1-13/16" oval ring. For me 1 3/4" is too tight (ER room here I come-almost) and 1-7/8" is just right till the weather gets cool and the TBD (trapped ball device) falls on the floor.

I have been wearing a full metal belt (LIS) for almost 2 years and have had great success with it but as with everything there are Pros & Cons. The main Con this hot summer is that I must always wear some type of shirt or my droopy comfy shorts ride down and then I'm showing stainless steel so I have been wearing the CB3000 for 3 weeks now (it works in the summer-see above). I love stainless steel and seeing as my parts down there are already stretched getting a Pet Trap seemed the next progression. I have basically given up on TBD's as I'm compact but seeing the excellent level of customer service at MM I went for it.

After ordering the Trap I got an e-mail confirmation saying 2 to 3 week wait. I also received an e-mail when the device shipped and it arrived exactly 2 weeks after ordering. No problem with me as I've waited much longer for custom made devices.

Of course the new toy couldn't arrive when I had a nice peaceful night; no, not me. I just got called in to night work so I got home at 4 pm and had to eat, shower, try to sleep and be back to work at 11 pm. Typical for me; total boredom or mayhem.

I opened the box and "Wow, that seems big". It was beautiful. I measured the opening and it was 1-5/8". Ok, MM must have a plan ( I read the plan @ Chastity Heaven). The lock I had fit perfectly ( I did my homework). Into the oval ring I went; oval is new for me and seemed to make sense with my fussy build (high, tight, & compact). Then came the tube- how nice to only have 2 pieces instead of posts and rings and things. The lock is an important part of the set up and getting things lined up was a bit difficult the first time but I got in.

Before dinner I had some burning at the bottom of the ring (nothing new here) so I lubricated and within half an hour all was good. The usual skin stretching that I expect with my compact scrotum (high and tight).

It's metal and a bit heavy but since it's custom there is no weight issue. Now it was 6:30 and I had to try and sleep till 10:00. Fat chance. The Trap was not uncomfortable but I was testing. I pushed,pulled, and humped to no avail. The plan was working. My tool was already to the end and since the tube was wide I had no friction. Totally frustrated but happy the Trap was doing it's job. I barely got any sleep. I'm currently at day 25 of a Chastity Run so lust was good. Finally as I was lying on my stomach I managed to feel an erection starting by my thoughts, not physical. I jumped out of bed and turned on the light just to see how I fit in the tube. I was filling the tube but as soon as I started to grow it just stopped. That's it; no movement no sensation, no possibility of cheating or escape. Pull out has never been an issue with me and with the larger diameter of the tube and my compact scrotum make the device very secure.

Going to the bathroom is a pleasure compared to my other devices as the peeing tool is right at the end of the tube so cleanup is easy instead of having it back up in there and making a mess of things.

The tube is a perfect combination of restraint and openness. I can clean easily and air circulation is good but I can't stimulate in any way. There are no pinch points as it appears there might be since I followed the measuring directions exactly.

Moving on to today after my night shift I came home to an empty house and was exhausted. I put on the Pet Trap and after a while I was toast so it was time for another test. I went to sleep. It wasn't an overnighter as I needed to test the Early AM Bulge thing but it happened. I woke up in agony. My scrotum was inflated to max and my penis was trying to explode out of the tube. The burning sensation was almost all the way around the ring. Since I was a smart aleck from the night before I had given the keys up and Mrs. Keyholder was gone. I called but couldn't contact her. I lubed and washed and did everything I could but I wouldn't calm down (deflate) finally I laid in bed and managed to go back to sleep and when I woke up everything was loose.

I believe I was so tight that things got blocked and wouldn't shrink. I didn't turn purple but my scrotum was cool and to me that's a warning sign that things are jamming up. I had read reviews here about making adjustments so I used a piece of old baseboard molding I had in the cellar; cutting a piece off to use as a wooden wedge. Mrs. Keyholder had come home so I got the keys and unlocked and then got a different (same size & style) lock for my adjustment work. I removed the trap and reassembled with the other lock. Turning it upside down on a few layers of T-shirt on my wooden bench I hammered the wedge gently down to open the space between the bottom of the ring and the tube. I did this carefully a few times and have managed to increase the space 1/16". I'm back in and it seems more comfortable but till the Early AM Bulge it will be hard to tell. I'm holding the keys for tonight in case things go bad. I hope not as this chastity device is excellent in all regards.

I'm hoping Long Term that I can use the Pet Trap all year but I have had no luck with TBD's in cool weather. It's my anatomy and not the device and I can always go back to the full metal belt for the cool seasons. Maybe the custom sizing of it and the properties of Stainless Steel (oh, I tested with magnet- it's all stainless) will make the difference.

If the Pet Trap works out long term I may get brave and wear it to work but right now I remove it. I believe it's easier to remove the ring due to its oval shape so this is good.

Pros and Cons of Pet Trap versus Full Metal Belt: Pros: Less conspicuous when lightly dressed. Easier to clean and go to bathroom.

Cons: Not Much, it's a TBD and with a full metal belt there is no ring issue making year round wear possible for me.

Both devices are quality stainless steel and totally secure.

1st Update:

I may have won. I made the opening another 1/16" bigger between the bottom of the ring and tube. I then showered and cleaned completely and lubed all the way around the ring and the opening of the tube. I was so lubed that I could turn the whole unit. I then went out for a car outing and came back. It's been over 2 hours and my scrotum is not inflated and I can't even tell I'm wearing the Trap at all. Yikes.

I think the lube allowed the skin to go where it wanted and maybe the inflation was due to friction of the metal against the skin. I hope that's the case. Tonight I will lube and make sure I can rotate before going to bed and see what happens in the early AM and the morning. Fingers crossed and Joy Toy in Jail. Hehe...............

2nd Update:

I made the whole night without being awoke by the early morning Swell. The Trap and I are learning to coexist. Mrs. Keyholder has the keys again; uh oh, and away we go!!

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