CB-6000 Modifications for Comfort

Submitted by: Loras Pa6

I wanted to share with you about the modifications I have made to my CB-6000, in case others have experienced the same issues.

It started when I got my CB-6000, and we tried it on. We decided the 2" ring was the best fitting. It was painful but I tried to persevere because I knew how much my Mistress liked the idea of my little friend being locked up (and I was not exactly arguing against the idea either). Mistress decided to check on it because of my facial expression, and she rushed for the key. It was very painful because I had been losing circulation, and in the 15-20 minutes since she had put it on my scrotum had turned a nasty purple/black color.

Needless to say she was disappointed, but safety and health are always our first priority.

I began some research and discovered a common solution to fit up was ball stretching. I relayed this to my Mistress and she was happy I was still willing enough to look for ways to make it work for her. She also had been thinking about the problem and had gathered a tape measure. When she measured the area behind my balls and also measured the circumference of the 2" ring assembly she made a rather surprising discovery. The base of my penis was almost an 1/8" larger circumference then the ring. She was once again saddened by this.

I was not going to disappoint my Mistress and stopped the following night at the local Home Depot to gather some supplies. I spent the next several nights experimenting with the supplies and the CB-6000. When I came to her locked in the tube and told her I had wore it all day at work with no issues she was estatic!

The solution was simple: 3/8"x1/4" Vinyl tubing cut to length, ends rounded and drilled with a 3/16" drill bit to match the standard ring. It isn't as rigid as the supplied rings but it keeps things in place. The "Strap" (as I call it) needs to be replaced every few months as it begins to stretch at the holes, but the cost of a ten foot roll of the tubing was minimal and it will take a long time to go through the roll.

The second modification came about because the lock started clanging as I walked. I was self-concious about the noise and resommended to Mistress that we use 1/2" wide 3 1/2" long rubber bands (I had prepared for this already and had one on hand) These only lasted about a week to a week and a half before the constant stress stretched them. Mistress suggested making another strap to hold the lock down. So now we are testing that out.

I used the same Tubing material, cut straight at the ends, drilled a 9/64" hole in the end for the attached side of the shackle, and a 5/32" hole for the end that will be pulled off of the shackle to release me. Rather then just wrapping around the tube as we did with the rubber bands I cut the length ot go under the balls also, further securing the cage down.

So far this is working

Thanks for giving us a place to share our stories and ideas!

Loras Pa6

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