CB-6000 Review

Submitted by: Anonymous

My new CB-6000 chastity belt arrived at the weekend - only 24 hours after ordering - and neither my Keyholder or I could wait to try it on!

The first thing we noticed was the stylish packaging. The CB-6000 comes in a discreet zip-up carry case - great for keeping all the 'rings and things' together - that would fit in a large wash-bag and certainly wouldn't be out of place in any over-night bag.

The design is subtly different from any of the existing range: CB-2000, CB-3000 and The Curve; and the designers seem to have worked really hard to keep the best points of them all while eliminating any drawbacks.

Most obviously this starts with the 'cuffs' or 'rings'. The CB-2000 has completely solid rings while the CB-3000 has cuffs with a hinge that closes from around the base of the scrotum. In contrast the CB-6000 has 'C-shaped' rings and two 'closure' pieces that go across the top of the penis. The rings have a soft, rectangular - rather than circular - cross-section that seems to give both a more comfortable and secure fit.

The guide pins also face away from the body - instead of towards it - on the CB-6000, which also increases comfort. The locking pin has been given an elliptical - not circular - cross-section that prevents it rotating; and the pins and spacers have been manufactured to much tighter tolerances, allowing minimal movement and so a more 'snug' and secure fit.

The actual cage is slightly larger than on the CB-3000 and has been redesigned, with a more anatomically correct appearance and with ventilation holes on the sides, rather than on top and underneath. Even the lock has been improved: given a matt-black plastic coating eliminating the embarrassing 'clinking' sounds you occasionally got at awkward moment with the brass models.

As anyone with one of the existing 'CB' range will already know, it is vital to take some time to experiment with the different permutations of the five rings sizes and lengths of the locking pins and spacers until you find the right combination for you, combining both security and comfort. It also seems to me that the rings on the CB-6000 have a slightly smaller internal dimension than on the CB-3000 - and therefore tighter fit - but I haven't been able to confirm this.

That said, and as the owner of a CB-3000, I found the CB-6000 very easy to get used to after the first couple of attempts at 'lining up' the guide pins and the two halves of the gate-closures. Once on it is a very comfortable fit and I very quickly got to the I-almost-don't know it's-there feeling.

It's a great and relatively inexpensive way to introduce a male (or female) to the delights of chastity play. And how about this girls: it has to be the best sex toy in the world! There are no batteries to let you down and it's totally silent, you don't have to put it on... let alone put it in anywhere. It guarantees you man's fidelity, but more than that his undivided attention. You can have sex anytime you want, but only when you want and your fella will do almost anything you like in advance to make sure you're completely happy. Heaven!

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