Exobelt Extreme

Submitted by: Michael

I have the Exobelt Extreme. It is the best of all the plastic devices I have tried. I have had the Exobelt x-1/V-1, the birdlocked, CB3000, CB6000. I was wearing the V-1 until the Extreme came out.

I have been locked in the Extreme for a couple weeks now.

The Extreme is the easiest to install and takes the least amount of adjustments to get a comfortable fit for long term wear. I also find it to be the most secure. The inside grips the penis so that I cant pull out. The grip is not painful unless I try and pull out. Which I will never try to do again as it brought tears to my eyes. I have no interest in ripping my penis off.

I did find that I can actually wear it without the back white piece as well.

I also find it the easiest to clean and urinate out of. I can urinate standing with no issues. I was suprised by that as Jenny didnt mention that.

You will still have to take time to get the correct fit and you will still have to get used to night time erections, but I found it less painful than the CB3000/6000.

I will keep you updated as my lock up time goes on. I will say this is the best device I have owned.

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