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From time to time, people ask how to submit material to my website.

To submit articles, photos, product reviews, or general news of interest to other people, you can send an e-mail to me. I prefer simple plain text material either in the message, or as an attachment. (I can also receive Microsoft Word documents.)

Your material has a much greater chance of being included in a future update if you observe the following suggestions:

  • Suggest a Title for the article
  • Suggest a "Submitted by:" - Anonymous, a Nickname, or your e-mail
  • If possible, use a spell checker
  • Break your article into paragraphs, and include a blank line between each paragraph

And a note to Anonymous writers everywhere. I enjoy and encourage chastity fiction, product reports, and of course your real life experiences (both good and bad). If you request anonymous posting, I am happy to accomodate.

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